Fake Blx90 concerns


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I happened to search for blx90's on the bay auction site and I ran into a few fake ones. It's from the seller "stringchang" He has other wilson racquets and head youtek racquets also. The seller is from china and doesn't guarantee authenticity in any way and lists his items for $.99. In the Blx90 pictures, the red looks too deep. And the Blx95 pictures look too glossy.

My concern is that people are actually bidding on his items. Every item looks bid on. And they are going up to $100 towards the end.


Ive purchased quite a few rackets from teh bay but I try and make sure I am always getting a legit one and not a fake. I would never buy a tennis racket from someone from outside UK personally, I would also ask if I think chances are it maybe a fake for a refund if I find that if it is a fake..

I was looking for a BLX few days ago and they were going for around £95+ even though listing was on 0.99, if its too good to be true then think twice before paying.

Saying that I won my Head Youtek Speed MP 18X20 for £67 including delivery, I had a hit with it yesterday and it seems perfectly fine.