Fashion advice for the US Open Vapor 9


I bought the Obsidian and Red Vapor 9s but am having difficulty making them work with my apparel. Yes I know it's vain but help me! Lol. I don't want to wear the full blue outfit Federer wore. I cant afford that anyways. Do they work with white or black shorts? Red or light blue tops?


If i can add a question along the same lines. Do they look good with black socks or are they noticeably blue?

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Change shoelaces to white, do white shorts and navy shirt. What JSouza said, your kind of limited with this colorway.
Well first of all, you bought the wrong shoes if you're talking about fashion. You should have gotten these instead:

I'll never be cool enough to wear those. Haha


They look like Bozo the "clown" shoes if you ask me. It's just way out there.

I'm sure a junior would find them appealing but I'm an adult and that color scheme would not fall within my tastes.

The Nike Olympic Games shoe that Roger wore is probably best of all time.

Hope they bring it back.

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