Fashion Alert : Worst Outfit Ever!

ok, I thought the funeral aloha shirt would find an audience among enough tennis players to sell. However, I though the colors and tulips were off the mark. I wanted more Magnum PI, so I made my own:
Hmm. This i find interesting. How’s the material? Do you find it runs true to size?
True to size. It’s a thin smooth poly. This kind of design wasn’t meant to be on pique texture like most others I make . It’s too detailed for pique
Nothing is as bad as what Rafa wears whenever he turns up on court: predictably, consistently and astoundingly attrocious. Who’d buy it? Andy’s UA gear ran a close second. Beyond those two high watermarks the Lotto kit looks shabby and dorky no matter who’s wearing it. Huge opportunity for a brand to make decent looking gear that doesn’t scream nerd with protein shakes.