Fastest forehand/backhand ever recorded?


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What's the speed of the fastest forehand or backhand, ever recorded?

So far about from what I've seen on the mens side, 160 kph/100 mph seems to be about the limit.

Although strange as I have also seen Kuznetsova hit a 160 kph forehand during the Us open, some years ago.


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I saw Fernando Gonzalez hit 189 km/h FH the other day. He hit another 176 km/h a few points later. I don't know if 189 km/h is more than 124 mp/h that Monfils hit?

Here is the Gonzo Fh

Image courtesy of Love Game
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There's a video around, with Blake returning a 118 mph first serve, and his forehand came back faster than the serve itself.

Lemme find it, and I'll post it
I can't remeber exactly and I don't have the match recorded but I think Monfils' blast was 120 mph not 124 mph. Not that there's much of a difference at that speed.


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Gonzalez hits faster than anyone else I'd have thought:)

I saw him at Queens Club in 07 or 08 and the speed he was hitting was the fastest I've ever seen, unbelievable!!!