Fastest Serve Ever?

Tennis magazine said it was 150mph by Andy Roddick, but I just looked on the USTA site and it said his career high is 141mph... Clarification?
i think andy holds the record of 150mph in atp. But the fastest ever record would belong to a guy in florida who served 156mph in a serving competition took place in florida. said tennismagazine some time ago.


ProStaffTour90 said:
Well the USTA just won't have updated it, i thought Roddick broke it again in the DC tie against Sweden, i'm sure he hit a 152!
You're right. He did. But Bjorkman returned the serve. A pretty decent return. Just goes to show that speed is not all its hyped up to be. Gotta place it too.
There's a college kid here that strung his stick w/ poly @ 40+ lbs. and weighted the head to 16 0z. he hit some bombs - some even went in :lol: The biggest serve ever? we only know of recorded one's but maybe there has been some lanky guy that's been broken 3-4 x in a match and said *^$&#$@ and then serves w/ all his might and ............


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I agree, Boris, there have to have been a few guys who didn't have a great game but could punish a serve in at the record.


Although Roddick's serve will be in this year's Guiness Book fo Records, the ATP has stated that it won't recognize Roddick's record-breaking Davis Cup serve because the system that measures it, Getronics, is different from the one the ATP uses and they don't think it's as accurate.

Either way, whether Roddick hits 149-mph or 152-mph, he's still the record-holder.
Well 150 cos of course Greg hit 149!

Anyway what can you guys all hit, i've hit 112, it was probably slightly long :oops: but as my next highest is about 106-7 i like to think it clipped the back of the line!
Instead of worrying about mph, consider this. If your serve can land in the service box and then hit the back fence (or wall) without bouncing, you've got a stronger serve than most.
Yeh, most of mine just hit the bottom 10 rungs on the fence but everynow and then i got a flier that pops up, the highest i got was around head height, it was a right ripper!