Father & coach of #1 junior tennis player in the world for juniors under 12 with Quinn Borchard!

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Being the parent of a top junior tennis player isn't easy. Add in coaching and it is even tougher! But Quinn and James Borchard seem to have the secret formula to success as this father-son duo continues to find amazing results and have all the fun while doing it!

Quinn Borchard joins us again to talk about what being the father and coach of a top Little Mo player is like and how things have changed as his son, James, continues to grow and improve in terms of equipment, opportunities and more. We hear all about their trip to Croatia, what's on tap for the year to come and how his little brother, Beau, is finding his own path.

If you have a junior player in your life, this is an episode you don't want to miss! Listen in as we talk about:

  • Navigating new experiences as a player & kid
  • Tournament stories on & off court!
  • Travel experiences, etc. in Croatia!
  • Singles & dubs
  • But also how he is still "just a kid"
  • Gear changes!
Watch James Borchard at the Smirkva Bowl:
Learn more: https://www.smrikve.com/smrikva-bowl/

Happy Hitting!
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