Father's Day weekend hat trick

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    I had a great time in atl last weekend. I won 3 matches all of them were 3 sets. I played mixed doubles on Saturday morning....We got our @$$es handed to us in the first set. The girl for whatever reason took it personal that the other team was discussing their evening plans during the crossover after our first set.lol So I told her at the beginning of the second I told her to sag back and I took the serve and threw it way up up up.....and he shanked it off the fence and his body language was horrible....so I did it again....He shanked it higher off the fence. So long story short....we ended up smoking them 2 and 2 in the second and third sets.

    On to men's doubles later saturday evening....My partner and I won a 3rd set tie breaker....7 5 5 7 7 6.

    Sunday afternoon....I played singles....I played a "jack rabbit" ran all over the damn place cracking forehands....so I used the ole let him run himself out strategy and it worked to a T. lol He won the first set 7 -5. His biggest mistake came before the match even started. He asked if I were interested in playing a tie breaker for the 3rd set and I said no even being 7 years older. :) I had about 9 hours of sleep and a good back and leg walking and stretching by my son and daughter the night before. lol So by 2 2 in the second he was clapping his raquet on the lobs I hit over him and by the third set he wouldn't even turn to see where the lob landed. O that was so much fun. I actually thought I was gonna get my 4th hospital victim but it didn't happen. The big fun was my daughter who hardly ever comes to matches went with us to atl. I promised her I'd do the lawn mower but never did. :) She for whatever reason thinks it's so funny. I did do it during my finals match in Augusta's tourney because the guy pi$$ed me off. :) My son got a kick out of it as well. So that was a pretty good father's day weekend I have to say. :)

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