Favorite round poly cross in a hybrid?


According to my experience on TTW, I anticipate a bunch of recommendations for Tier One Ghostwire, Isospeed Cream, Yonex Poly Tour Air, Kirshbaum Pro Line II. I personally use Kirshbaum Max Power as my go-to.


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Like others Cream, Ghostwire.... A few not noted above are Tourna Big Hitter Silver and Weiss Cannon Silverstring.


Ghostwire has multiple gauges available up to 1.10mm.
For cheaper option, try some Pro's Pro string.
Black Force, Red Devils - Round smooth soft polys.


KB Proline2 or Evolution are good strings thay can be used as a slick cross to a shapped main, they both will feel more elastic and will return more power back than TO Ghostwire which will be very soft at impact and holds tension longer, all great options. I would recomend to not go much thinner than the mains, keep the gage size close on range.


I've been eyeing Yonex Poly Tour Strike and Poly Tour Fire. I'm hoping somebody can chime in.
YPTS is quite stiff and unforgiving on mishits, YPTF felt too low powered for me...not to mention the high price tags for those strings. SPPP seems to work best for me...great tension maintenance/playability duration. Babolat string savers also help too