Favorite Tennis Podcasts


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Not sure if this is the right forum or not.

I like Jon Werthheim's Beyond the Baseline a lot. He tends to have some great guests. One of my favs is the interview he did with Sascha Bajin, where he talks about his role as a coach and a hitter with Serena. Fascinating stuff.

I also listen to The Tennis Podcast with David Law and Catherine Whitaker. I like the European perspective, and I like David Law. But, Whitaker has such a grating personality. Constantly interrupts and goes on and on sometimes and I just can't even make it all the way through some of the episodes.

What are your favorites?
No Challenges Remaining w/ Ben Rothenberg and Courtney Nguyen
Courtney works for the WTA so they tend to focus on the women more than the men, but their chemistry is really good and most episodes are fun listens. They did one episode with one of the ATP chair umpires that was really fascinating to listen to.
For Coaches,
I have put out the PTM Podcast
Not sure if I'm allowed to link to it, but it is a 10-miuniute podcast with one story and one tip for PTM students, entry level pros and seasoned pros. Always looking to get tips from all coaches, so let me now if you are interested. You can find it in iTunes, stitcher, TuneIn and Google Play.