Favorite tennis shirt of all time?

Storm Kyori, see this Wikidpedia excerpt on IZOD which is no longer a part of Lacoste.

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izod

Also see Lacoste at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lacoste

In the early 1900s, Vincent Draddy, an American businessman started a men's apparel business and needed a strong name to associate with his quality merchandise. Vacationing in London, England, he encountered Jack Izod's tailor shop. Jack, a well-respected tailor who made custom shirts for King George V and other royalty, was ready to retire and accepted Draddy's offer to purchase the rights to his distinctive name.

Izod is most notable for its pairing with the Lacoste shirt company from 1952-1993, known simply as "IZOD Lacoste". Vincent Draddy couldn't find a market for the then expensive $8.00 Izod Lacoste shirt. After Vincent began giving the shirts away to his famous friends, the shirts soon became popular with stores. While the shirts were equally IZOD and Lacoste, they became abbreviated and popularized as "IZOD" shirts which leads to the common misconception that the famous "Crocodile" is the "IZOD" trademark. The two companies enjoyed enormous popularity throughout the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Both were controlled by the David Crystal Company. In the early 1990's, due in large part of the economy and the growing trend of department store private-labels, Izod Lacoste struggled to maintain the dominance it had enjoyed in previous decades. The initial reaction from David Crystal Company was to separate the two names and target two groups of costumers; Izod was re-introduced a mid-pricepoint and Lacoste was renamed Lacoste Chemise, and re-positioned as a luxury brand. Eventually this tactic did not provide the financial gain Crystal had hoped and the partnership in 1993. Lacoste was sold off back to France, while Izod was sold the Phillips-Van Heusen corp.


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Nike Fed Polo Dubai 07'

I agree with the Spring '07 Fed Polos. I'm glad I at have the Glacier Ice one. (and Feather Light hat to match). I also have the Black w/White shorts and White w/Black Global Control Shorts (that I'm lookin' to get rid of).

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In my opinion this is the best shirt.
The only strange thing is that Nike make an other shirt for Nadal than for sell. But the boys version of this shirt is the same as the Nadal shirt...



this Nadal Rotterdam crew is awesome.
Also like the Aus open top he wore in 09 night matches.

Would love to own both of these tops.


this shirt is goat not the guy in it

all of the colors in it are amazing white , blue, yellow, red, white, green
I really like this shirt but only in the blue though, unfortunately was not able to get it only the white and red was released in the country i am in, wanted to order it online but Nike didn't ship to outside the U.S.


Im sure im going to get flamed for this, but I just LOVE this top...

If anyone has one in a M that they want to sell me, let me know!!!! Dying to get myself one.


Im sure im going to get flamed for this, but I just LOVE this top...

If anyone has one in a M that they want to sell me, let me know!!!! Dying to get myself one.
is that really pink or is the light just making it look that way? or is it red?


One of my favs

Been looking everywhere for a medium. Contact me if you know where I can get one or if your willing to sell. Thanks.


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yup, hopefully i didn't sound like a jerk just then, but it's true. i've posted WTB ads and it takes a while to get hits, then new threads are posted and yours gets bumped down.


Federer 07 AO Shirt, 07 USO Shirt
Federer 08 AO Shirt Night session(fed exclusive one, not retail)
Federer 08 Wimbledon Shirt(Gold/white, not retail one)
Nike 08 Spring power crew white\orange
Federer 09 USO Shirt Day session
Nadal 10 AO Shirt Orange
Djokovic 09 WTF Shirt Red/Yellow


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The Novak Djokovic Australian Open 2008 night match shirt. I can't find a place to buy anymore, I got mine at the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI.



Definitely one of my favorites too! Saw him wear this at Cincy last year and bought myself one when they went on sale ($40 instead of $60)...haven't had a chance to wear it on the court yet, but it sure looks good in my closet! Hopefully when it warms up around here (NW Ohio) I'll get a chance to get out and have a hit and show it off.
My top ten:

1. Yannick Noah
Le Coq Sportif
1983 Roland Garros Final
white with some yellow stripes and yellow shoulders.
So cool.

2. The Chemise Lacoste original from 1933, made for the heat of the American summer.

3. The aforementioned Tacchini shirt with the two stripes across the chest. And the other one, too. Johnny Mac.

4. Borg FILA. THE tennis boom of the late 1970s, personified.

5. A white pique polo with pointy collar and three black or navy stripes down the shoulders, as rocked by the inimitable Ilie Nastase and Ivan Lendl (and many, many others).

6. Yellow pique polo with pointy collar - Fred Perry. Worn by basically all of us back in the 70s.

7. Loud Diadora yellow and blue - Guga.

8. Sergio Tacchini pastel: Mats Wilander - cheesy airbrush, circa 1989.

9. ST pastel: Patrick Cash - with the eleven stripes/bars. One stripe per part of his body that was generally injured or about to be.

10. Jockey, as worn by the always fashionable Brad Gilbert. Kidding. That does not have a place in the top 100, but it does enjoy a spot just ahead of the pink shoulderbladeless number Hrbaty will be remembered for.

The real #10 is the Diadora navy and white jersey worn by David Ferrer a few years ago. I have one. Great fabrication, clean lines, slightly higher collar than the average tee-shirt. Side vents.