Favorite tennis shirt of all time?


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All of this shirt are in sell.All are in good condition send me your email :)

Lotto shirt and short Soderling F.O size M
Fila Becker Tracksuit 1989 size L
Fila Becker F.O 1989 size L
Airness Davydenko winter 09 very rare size M
Airness Davydenko summer 09 very rare size M
Airness Davydenko winter 09 very rare size M
Adidas Gonzalez summer 09 size M
Nike Federer winter 07 size M
Le coq sportif Noah 1983 F.O size M
Le coq sportif Noah 1986 size M
Nike Nadal Sonny 2009 spring size M
^^^WOW, that was at the US Open, correct?

SKPPR05, lol, that is a "gem", that's for sure!

What was that guy thinking or perhaps DRINKING??? Remind me who that is again..I forget his name..
Thanks Bezs for placing that name with the shirt above.

Do you know anything about why Hrbaty wore that? I wonder if it was for publicity or if it was for some functional reason of his, like staying cooler in the heat??

See wikipedia on him:


Looks like he retired in 2009 and I didn't realize that he was Roger Federer's good friend and former doubles partner.

He did reach the QF of the US Open in 2004 and it looks like he was a very good doubles player.
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Borg number one: yea I had a tough time finding his picture only because I couldn't really place a name on him lol. Him and radek stepanek look sooo similar
No problem, good work finding that one and thanks for the reminder of it. He and Stepanek do have some physical similarities for sure..


Not necessarily as a standalone shirt, but as part of a package deal ... always loved the Darth Federer kit.




Definitely one of my favorites too! Saw him wear this at Cincy last year and bought myself one when they went on sale ($40 instead of $60)...haven't had a chance to wear it on the court yet, but it sure looks good in my closet! Hopefully when it warms up around here (NW Ohio) I'll get a chance to get out and have a hit and show it off.
I went to the gym today and wore this bad boy. Felt a little like a tool wearing a tennis polo to the gym, but damn if I didn't look good! BTW, the shirt was ultra comfortable, breathed nicely, and didn't show off sweat too badly.



Awesome shirt! I was rooting for Roddick to win USO 2004 because of this shirt.


The Vilas one from around this time, the cream-colored one with the navy shoulders and the red stripes on the sides, was even better.
The classic adidas one from the Seventies, the white or light blue or yellow with the three stripes on the shoulders, were brilliant as well.
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Here's one you don't often see, but I loved this one - and, of course, Rocket wore it, so that makes it even cooler. I must have looked everywhere for this shirt (and the cool belted shorts, 30 years before Federer's), but I could never find them - stupid Puritan Sportswear.
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Thanks..I had no knowledge of that.
Was that sarcasm? I can't really tell in the written word. :confused: I didn't either. I actually found out the same way you did. Someone posted the same pic and what you said and then another poster answered. From there I went to the trusty Wikipedia and found out some interesting stuff.

I had no idea Adi-das was from Germany and that Puma was founded by his older brother. Adolf ("Adi") Dassler = Adidas and (RuDa, then renamed) Puma = Rudolf Dassler

It's just that since us Americans pronounce this soo far off, that we get confused where it originated from. I hear it said Adee-duhs. So yeah, go figure.
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^^No, I honestly didnt know adidas owned Reebok. Thanks for schooling me on that.

I knew about the Adi Dassler thing, not about Puma though.

Europeans say it the ''right'' way, pr adi-das not adee-das but we get a lot of stuff wrong!