Favorite tennis shirt of all time?

Still wear many of these daily:

Fed '05 AO zip mock but in black w/silver-white back
Fed '05 Wimby/USO (white/blue) crews (have red/gray from same year (Euroclay?)
Fed '05 WTF Shanghai (white/black/gold) crew
Fed '06 Wimby/USO (white/blue) crews with "gill" back vents
Fed '06 Euroclay Henleys (white has blue/black flank trim, blue has white/black)

Exceptional quality to last this long and great heat management for FL weather (except the '05 AO...that one's parked in the closet except for cool nights!)


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i swear that guys like ljubicic and gaudio wore this shirt for like 5 years straight :) classic in my head

I don't remember what year this was, but I loved this shirt in all the colors Nike offered. I had teh chance to pick up a few, but was not able to make it out to the store before they were sold out in my size back then. Any idea where I can get one now?
Ding, ding ding...WINNERS! the Diadora is the one I would have posted with honorable mention to Fed's '05 crew. Of course Fed has had a lot of nice shirts over the year as have other players:)

lol I thought I was quoting and saying well done to two different posters when it was actually Leelord337 that shared his brilliance with us :D
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I prefer the term "better quality alternative to used piling CoolMax polyester shirts that are 26 years old and falling apart". They really were the best designs made on the worst fabric. After I would wash mine once it would pile and feel rough. It looked terrible too. After along time I thought, "I'll just make my own"