Favorite tennis shirt of all time?

Kinda digging this one. I like the Black/Blue one a bit too, although the blue doesn't really pop as much as I'd like. Looks like a silver/grey at times. Might get this white one though, the blue certainly stands out better. Reminds me of Rafa's 08 bandana. Shame that was never sold...

:-D That design path there is about as cool as Ed Hardy was - fashion for burly numbskulls. Dragons/skulls/bones are the fashion equivalent of wearing Crocs to your own wedding.
There's a difference between loud, bright colored ugly Ed Hardy skulls and bones a la Hydrogen, and this. This is subtle and classy as I see it. Suits Novak really well.

Clear difference
I was wondering who ST was targeting with that corny Jersey Shore stuff they came out with. Looks like we found out.
I liked basically all the Big 3 gear from 2009-2011.


And of course the Djokovic ST gear. Everything was top notch back then. I guess they found the perfect sucker back then.
All of these killer classic designs make u realize the failure of Uniqlo to come up with anything remotely innovative.

I will never be able to get that red brick Uniqlo USO kit scrubbed from my skull. Still sad for Fed. Nike RF was the perfect combo. Loss of such an iconic logo is chilling.
That’s not Leconte. The photo has been mirrored and that guy is using a Pro Kennex. Leconte never used Pro Kennex and during the 80’s Leconte used HEAD.
I didn't pay too much attention to the stencil to be honest, and I distinctly remember him using shirt with the same design. You are, of course, correct about his HEAD racquet.


What WAS his shirt then?

One from my personal collection, sorry it's in poor shape after all these years. It's from late 1990, Mats wore it at some tournaments (for example I saw him in Lyon that year where he played the final against young Marc Rosset).

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