Favorite Twisted String-


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I know I tried it fb and hybrid initially and liked the hybrid more. Not sure any more if spin was the reason, or something else.

I'm curious why you think fb would have higher spin potential? My understanding is that low friction crosses with high friction/high launch angle mains was spinniest combo. I'm open to that being wrong, but don't understand the logic

Just saw your Dec 9 post tonight and think you might have meant that post for me. Perhaps not. If you did mean to address that post to me, I never wrote, nor do I know or believe a FB of VCT would have a higher spin potential than say VCT/Head Hawk or VCT/Wilson Revolve. I play with a Pure Aero+ which makes spin generation rather easy compared to a 18x20 frame or most 16x19 frames. VCT 1.30 and a Pure Aero generate a lot of spin.

In post #42 of this thread, I wrote "I don't hybrid VCT 1.30 mm with anything and I never prestretch it. Hyper G/ Head Hawk make a good combo but VCT works best as a full bed IMO." I tried a hybrid of VCT/Hawk back in 2013 and just prefer VCT in a full bed.


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Pros pro devil spin is the roughest twisted string I have played. Like all PP string though it doesn’t hold tension well. I’ve played signum tornado and revolve twist. Both lose texture once the string has been tensioned. Both have nice aesthetics once installed.
Does Devil Spin also loses texture when tensioned?


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Have since tried Pros Pro Hexaspin twist-not a fan, too mushy/soft feeling. Also Tourna Silver rough 17g- really liking this string as a cross with silver 7 tour.