Feb. 15th was the DAY I invented a NEW racquet sport! WALL TENNIS is HERE!

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    After almost 8 months of teaching kids how to hit on the walls between their apt.'s, I decided to let them have a taste of competition. I had tried to keep the Walls for practice, telling the kids that the REAL GAME was going to happen only when they got permission to go to the tennis courts, about 1.5 miles away.
    Soccer season started and it was distracting them from practicing their strokes, so I came up with a game played against the walls. Alternating sides on a court with lines designed to give them boundaries and angles that take more discipline and accuracy than just blasting away at the ball.
    Scoring is just like tennis, but a set is only 4 games and a tie -breaker, if needed, is just 5 points, to speed up play.
    The kids LOVED it! That is, AFTER the got the hang of the scoring.
    I played with a father of one of the kids, who used to play tennis and has a powerful forehand and serve. We use punctured, used tennis balls that bounce lower and rebound slower off the wall and his topspin was grabbing the wall and making a shot, similar to a 'roll-out shot' or a kill shot, in racquetball! He couldn't stop playing..it was easy because he kept winning! A friend of mine, new to the sport, was having a blast, even though he was loosing every game!
    Below is a diagram of the court and the rules and detail of how the game is played. I used fluorescent green paint to put down the lines since the wall we play on is also a row of doors for extra storage for the apt. units, we string a line of bright pink cord around the doorknobs to simulate a net.
    I hope that this spreads and becomes an alternative to finding a court, if one isn't near where you live. It's fun, fast and ANYONE can win! I can't beat the kids and even added the ' 2 bounce allowance for wheelchair players', like me, so I can keep up and have a chance of a win.

    Try it, you'll LOVE IT!

    Since the .jpg cut off the rules and game play info, I will provide it here:
    After a coin toss to decide who will have the choice of serving or receiving, the server hits an overhead shot at the wall. The rebound must land on the opposite side, within the lines of the 'service box'. after that all shots must land on the opposite side and within the side and baselines.
    Players must stay on their side of the court, but if a shot is spinning back over the center-line, the player MAY REACH OVER the center-line to hit the ball. Players alternate sides for each point and play is started on the deuce side.
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    It is called racketball

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