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Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Luca, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Luca

    Luca New User

    Jun 14, 2006
    After reading some of your posts, let me say that i can´t understand how there are so many Fed fans = Nadal´s haters or Nadal´fans=Federer´s haters". is it not possible to like both of them?
    Firstly, in my opinion there´s no denying that Federer is the best current(if not ever) player. His classy style, the way he plays, he seems never get tired!.And there ´s no discussion about this, knowing that he has won 7 Grand Slams,(and i think he still wants more..)Arrogant? well, i don´t know him, but after winning so many tournaments, Grand Slams..its normal to feel a bit "superior" than the others, and for sure Nadal bothers him. But i want to think that is just on the court.
    On the other hand, there ´s Nadal, the "Rising Star", in my opinion, the most charismatic player(apart of Safin, lol) not only because his capri pants and sleevers,thats anecdotic, but his presence on the court, his mental strenght, how he plays, how he runs, how he moves, and how he is, looks like a bull but is humble like a child. I´ve never seen a player like him, and this is great for tennis.
    Since i´m Spanish and im proud of Nadal, and will always support him (VAMOS NADAL!!), there´s no reason for me to hate Federer, and i recognise he´s still the best player.(but everything CAN change, hehehe;)
  2. Warriorroger

    Warriorroger Hall of Fame

    Aug 27, 2005
    People should stop talking about who's the greatest. All that matters is who you enjoy watching the most. I enjoyed watched Graf the most, was she the greatest? For many she was and for many she isn't, doesn't matter to me.
  3. exruda

    exruda Semi-Pro

    May 22, 2006
    Well, if everybody just complemented everybody else there would not be much to talk about on the pro player discussion board, would there? :mrgreen:
    It's always more fun to have favorites and anti-, there is nothing worse than watching a tennis match where you don't give a s**t about the result.

    and yes, there are people who like both players.

    but Luca, you just started a new Fed/Nadal thread yourself :) and it's going to end up like all the others...
  4. siber222000

    siber222000 Semi-Pro

    Apr 15, 2006
    lemme see, did u make that account for making this thread so u won't get flamed by others when u make this thread with ur REAL account?

    ^ yes
  5. The Pusher Terminator

    The Pusher Terminator Banned

    Sep 18, 2004
    I actually think Fed is awesome...its his idiotic fans that I hate.
  6. textbook strokes

    textbook strokes Semi-Pro

    Mar 21, 2005
    The thing with Fed's fans (some of them) got worse after Rog choked in Paris. Some of them started claiming that RG is not a real slam, while others said that claycourt tennis is boring and favors the less skilleds.
    I´m not a fanatic but those comments can´t be let without response
  7. Tennis_Goodness

    Tennis_Goodness Semi-Pro

    Feb 12, 2006
    I like both of them although I like Federer better. I think Federer and Nadal have a lot of fanboys and fangirls. I do think Nadal has more of the fanboys and girls though. He attracts alot of teenie boppers that don't know much about tennis.

    I just go with the facts.

    1. Federer is the best current player

    2. Federer is clearly the Number 1 in the world and has a HUGE lead on everybody

    3. Nadal beat Federer fair and square at Paris

    4. Nadal is the best clay court player right now

    5. Federer can win every slam

    6. Nadal has won the FO twice

    There are many more facts about the two, but I think people should stick with the facts more because alot of times people end up looking foolish!
  8. lucky leprechaun

    lucky leprechaun Semi-Pro

    Feb 28, 2006
    You can like them both, but there would be almost no posts in the pro discussion board if everyone loved each other. I think it just gets magnified for the sake of discussion. I prefer federer's skills over nadal's powerfully energetic solid game. Results are all that matter though, and here you have federer who has proved himself to no question on every surface now. Nadal has proved himself on clay to no question, plus probably the large gorilla in the room which is that he owns federer. I also think maybe a lot of "fed haters" like to root for the underdog and have a large work ethic themselves and is perhaps suspicious of anything easy looking such as what fed displays when he walks on a tennis court. I gravitate toward admiring things that are done with the least effort with a lot of result, so I can really never admire nadal's game. I sometimes feel nadal has put forth a whole tournament's worth of effort in one match!

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