Fed and Novak will both catch Nadal in Masters wins.


Nadal has lost a step, and it's not coming back this time. His game has always been predicated on overwhelming athleticism and his body just isn't going to deliver anymore. He can't quite get around his forehand like he used to. Without that weapon his ability to win points is significantly diminished, so much so that he's spent most of the year losing to players he would have crushed in years passed like Fognini, Lopez and Dustin Brown.

So forget about Nadal catching Federer in slam wins. Both Fed and Novak are going to catch him in the Masters 1000 category.
I actually think that Roger will win three more masters..

PS : I also think that Rafa will add to his masters
I'm sure Nadal will add to his tally. I'm sure Federer will, too, but I'm not sure about three. I guess he's still getting consistently to the later stages, so he might. But even he can't go on forever.


Federer at the Masters
02: 1
03: 0
04: 3
05: 4
06: 4
07: 2
08: 0
09: 2
10: 1
11: 1
12: 3
13: 0
14: 2
15: 1*

He didn't care too much in his prime, just coasting to a handful a season. The fact he's got 6 in the last 4 seasons, including the dreaded 2013, speaks volumes about him going into the future with a void in talent. I feel 1-2 titles is to be expected. Nadal maybe has one more Masters in him but you have to understand he's all but done at this point with little to push him past next year.


You guys keep dreaming that Rafa is over. You guys know nothing about tennis and you'll be proven wrong very soon.


I'm sure Djokovic will get to 30 and set the record. However, Federer, I suspect. It's hard for him to win 1 M1000 in a year nowadays and Nadal can win some more. For Federer, slam record is the most important one, I guess.