Fed can run away with year-end #1


If he wins Wimbledon, he will have 746 points. He basically needs to reach 2 semis at masters and pretty much he no one will be able to catch him at the end of the season. That's just scary.
Right now Federer is 1,000 points ahead of Roddick on the entry system. While that's very impressive, Sampras was 2,000 points ahead of the #2 player after Wimbledon '94!
I don't recall Sampras ever having hit the 5,600 point mark ever in his reign at #1. Sampras was in the 5,200 point range, but Fed has to have one of the highest point titles since the computer rankings were started.
Don't know about that Chief, look at Sampras' results from Wimbledon '93 to Wimbledon '94. He won 3 slams in a row(4 out of 5) & multiple masters series.
Assuming Fed wins Wimbledon, he will be 46-4 with 6 titles(2 slams & 2 masters series) for '04.
After Wimby '94, Pete was 56-5 with 8 titles (2 slams, 3 master series)
Incidently, Pete got injured in Davis Cup right after Wimbledon that year, & wasn't able to play until the US Open, where he wasn't physically ready for a slam. Without the injury, the year would have been even more amazing.