Fed did it, Rafa did it, Djoker didn't


Laver and Pancho > Kenny
Laver is debatable. I still have Ken over Rod due to a superior number of Majors, but I understand pro-Laver claims based on the Grand Slam achieved both in 1962 and 1969, plus the leading H2H.

Now, I don't see any compelling argument pro-Gonzales. Gonzales only won 14 Majors, 9 less than Rosewall. Additionally, it is also relevant to mention Gonzales' inability to win Majors on clay. Rosewall won Majors in all the surfaces he played in, unlike Gonzales with 0 Majors on clay. In sum. Rosewall was more succesful, dominant and complete than Gonzales.


Yes, it's interesting as I read here a lot lately that Federer did not have to usurp any ATGS. But isn't Agassi an ATG? A good one, too, with his Golden Career slam.


Kenny was the original Nadal.
It is a compliment to compare Rosewall to Nadal. Rosewall won the most Majors in his era, I wish Nadal could replicate his success. The only difference is that Rosewall had a losing H2H against Laver, while Nadal has a winning H2H over Federer and Djokovic in Slams. Thus, Nadal can become an improved version of Rosewall.