Fed Fans - Who would you rather overtake Federer's slam total?

Who would you rather overtake Federer's slam total?

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If one of them has to? Would go with Nadal or Djokovic?
Assume only one of them does in this scenario.

I'm just interested. Post why as well I guess but keep it respectful to both guys

Only Federer fans vote in the poll please. Pretty please? :p


Whoever is able to do it.

I mean, does it matter what I or anybody prefers?

My wish would be Roger adds to his total and is not surpassed but we just have to acknowledge the reality if it comes to pass and give kudos to whoever does it - Nole, Rafa or maybe even both.


Djokovic is clearly the most deserving of this honor

Wouldnt even be mad

But 6 more is a hell of an ask
All depends how the next couple of years go and who if anybody steps up to challenge these guys.

Djokovic has the biggest upside - no injuries, 3/4 slams that suit his game better, not much in the way of challengers on hard courts.
All depends how the next couple of years go and who if anybody steps up to challenge these guys.

Djokovic has the biggest upside - no injuries, 3/4 slams that suit his game better, not much in the way of challengers on hard courts.

He has already mentally broken the entire lost gen/next gen

And Roger is just too far past him in age to match peak to peak and Roger is his toughest hard court out because its not a mental issue with Roger like it is with Ned it is simply an age issue
If someone is going to overtake Roger's slam count, he'll likely be considered "GOAT" by many. And I'd prefer Novak because I find his résumé more worthy than Rafa's of being the best tennis player because he's much more well-rounded.

If he gets there, he'll likely have a similar number of weeks at #1, a similar surface spread, all 9 Masters under his belt, at least 5 YEC. He also has at least 1 non-calendar slam and at least 1 win against all 3 of his main rivals at all 4 majors.
I had a short chat about such topic with the guys after the final. As Fed fans, they would all prefer Djokovic as they see him as Fed's successor in a way. He has also dominated the Tour, had identical 3 Slam seasons, a lot of weeks at number 1, has some impressive success at the Holy Grail - Wimbledon, won a lot of WTFs as well, plays aggressively, went through similar French Open struggles... They see Djokovic being a lot more similar to Federer than Nadal is.


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Said this in a thread earlier today:

If anyone is going to break Federer's record (unless both of them do it which is possible) I'd prefer it to be Djokovic honestly. He's just far more well rounded than Nadal across the surfaces on the tour. More weeks at #1, more YE #1, more Wimbledons, more AOs, more WTF's, and equal titles, but much better consistency at the USO.

Between Djokovic and Nadal across the tour as a whole it isn't even close. It's very telling how huge that gap is.

But Federer and Djokovic match up much better historically across the entire tour.
Djokovic plays a more aggressive game as well. I've always liked that.
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Hahahaha..I fit the criteria of a Fed fan but I’m also a Djokovic fan so I’ll abstain from voting. I do think it would be more fitting if it were Djokovic because he was able to become a thoroughly dominant player on two surfaces. Also, somewhat tangential but Nadal has one indoor title in over 15 years on tour. Neither Federer nor Djokovic can be neutralized so much by any one set of conditions. It’s tough to conceive of the Open Era’s most accomplished player being so ordinary anywhere.
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Novak, who I’ve come to admire in recent years. He plays a cleaner game, less gamesmanship too.

I won’t put myself in the Nadal hater camp, but I just can’t genuinely root for him in a match. I will always be suspicious of his early success. His gamesmanship is annoying but he’s a gentle fellow off the court.

I personally hope neither do it however.


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I rather djoker. That would end the dam head to head argument for anyone that puts nadal over fed. Djoker would most likely have winning h2h against both of them if he surpassed fed.


I think Roger would prefer it to be Rafa but for me it would be awfully hard to feel bad if Djokovic surpassed it. He has proved himself to be an amazing competitor. He has the golden masters and a record # of AO as well as holding all 4 majors at one time, the closest thing to a GS since Laver. In his era, it would be awfully impossible to fail to knowledge his greatness. Records are not made to stand forever, although some live longer than others. Djokovic has a real chance of exceeding 20 and he knows it. He will go hammer and tongs. If he does it, I’ll be happy to congratulate him but with a little pang in my heart for Roger.


I'm personally voting for Djok too but it has nothing to do with Federer really. I've come to like Djokovic even though I didn't during his last dominant run.
Seeing him down in 2017 and 2018 somehow changed my opinion of him. I haven't been a Nadal hater since about 2009
Djokovic has also grown on me. He seems to be very gracious in defeat and I think he deserves respect