Fed looks like a BA in all black


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No federer looks really freaky in all black. especially with the black shoes
Agreed, on the shoes, at least.

Wear the same shirt and shorts with a pair of white socks and a pair of white Vapors with black trim and you look "fresh," to use the vernacular.

Black shoes and socks, though... like you said, you look freaky, and not freaky in the cool way. Freaky in the freaky way.


Only Federer could pull off this look. Think they're going for the tuxedo look. It's pretty pimp.


Let's be honest though, should any club-level or USTA league player came out in his duds, we'd laugh him off the courts. Roger has guts...


He looks bad in black. He also looks bad in white. He looks bad in other colours too. By mathematical induction and common sense, we can conclude that fed looks bad.


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At least when Fed dresses "different" it may not be liked by all but it is still respectable. Unlike the William sisters...Venus' hot pants at Wimbledon and Serena's rubber suit I think at last years US Open.


He should wear a tie with that outfit.

Seriously, he did look BA, as in "sleek BA black panther".


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I really like the all black. Of course I'd only wear it at night as well. The sun would kill anyone wearing that during the day.


not that fed gives a sh*t . . . but i thought he looked cool. biggiestuff is right, though. i live in south florida . . . so that was strictly an 'evening' look.


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Some like it some don't but I think the marketing gurus at Nike mainly wanted to get people talking. It worked. I'll take the all black Nike over the Agassi in denim anyday. Just so they don't bring that back.


You know if Federer were to read this he would probably just laugh. "I'm Roger Federer and I have 11 grand slams and more money than I know what to do with." I could just picture him laughing at everything since he is just doing it cause he can. Hell if I was Roger Federer I would put on a tie with it too.


During the breaks he should drink his water/gatorade/whatever from a chilled martini glass and have a casual chat with the fans. Maybe have one of the ball kids bring it to him on a tray.


The tuxedo shorts can either be called cool or the long lost accessory to the tuxedo t shirt. Fed just likes to party.