Fed, Nadal, Djoker: Who wins the career Grand Slam TWICE?

Who will win 2 career Grand Slams

  • Fed

    Votes: 26 66.7%
  • Nadal

    Votes: 10 25.6%
  • Djokovic

    Votes: 3 7.7%

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It's hypothetical but very possible for the top 3 to win a career GS twice so who do you think will do it? Basically i'm going off the slams that Fed and Nadal have won since completing their respective career GS.

Fed: 30 years old - Since winning the FO in 09 he's won Wimbledon and the Aussie Open but has been to the finals of all 4 Grand Slams since. Only has to win the French Open and the US Open again to complete his 2nd career GS.

Nadal: 26 years old: Since winning the US Open in 2010 to complete his career GS, he's only won the French Open and like Fed has been in the finals of all the other 3 slams since.

Djoker: 25 years old: Tricky. Has to win the French Open first THEN win all 4 slams again to complete 2 career GS.


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Actually, what is generally called "career grand slam" means one of each, so double means just two of each, they don't have to be in order or start again from scratch after the first one.

That would mean that, for Federer, there's only 1 RG missing; for Nadal, 1 AO and 1 USO; and for Djokovic, 1 Wimby, 1 USO, and 2 RG (which is a pretty tall order, but hey, I guess he should maybe try to complete the "single" career grand slam first before aiming for a "double"...) ;)


Federer only needs another French. Nadal needs 1 AO and 1 USO.

Djokovic...don't even bother, he hasn't even got 1 career slam yet, let alone 2.


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merlin is right. Fred has only to win another RG. ONLY!! But as long as Rafa can pick up a racket that seems a tall order.

I'd give Rafa the nod since he only has to win AO and USO, with Djokovic "unpriming", AO 2013 is a given. In fact, Rafa has a good shot at USO '12, we will see how fit he is in the run-up.

Joker has yet to win his first, and winning RG presents the same difficulty as for Fred.


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Actually, what is generally called "career grand slam" means one of each, so double means just two of each, they don't have to be in order or start again from scratch after the first one.

I know he'd only have to win the French one more time but i'm switching it up and going by the actual slams that they've won SINCE completing their grand slams that's why I said Nadal would have to win everything besides the FO and Fed would have to win the French and the US Open.

like since 2009 for Fed: 2010 Aussie, 2012 Wimbledon

since 2010 for Nadal: 2011, 2012 French Open

Since 2010 for Djokovic: 2011, 2012 Aussie Open, 2011 Wimbledon, 2011 US Open

Basically which task seems more likely to happen?
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Nadal should have won the AO'12, and he had made the last two USO finals, winning in 2010.

Obviously his choke in the 5th set of this year's AO will set him back, but Federer isn't going to win the french anytime soon. Djoker embarrassed him this year and he can't beat Nadal there... and there is no way he is going to avoid both.

Nadal has the best chance.


I honestly don't think any of them will do it.

Fed won't win another French, IMO

Novak's problem is that he hasn't even won one French Open yet. If wins one, then we'll talk.

I'll vote for Nadal, because, IMO, he has the "easiest" path to complete the task (winning a solitary USO). I really don't think he'll win another USO, but of the three, I think he has the best shot. He'll probably prove me wrong in 2 months. LOL.


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Nadal can win the AO and US again.

Federer would need Nadal to lose early at the French or be injured to pull out from the event. Could happen like 09......so there is a chance there.

Djokovic needs 2 FO, 1 SW19, and 1 more US. I think he can win one french don't know about 2. I don't think he will win another Wimbledon.

Who knows will come first. Most likely Federer and then Nadal.


You need to add NOBODY to the poll. I personally think the double career grand-slam is too difficult given these three guys.


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I don't think any of these players will complete it twice. I'd say the one with the best chance is Rafa, because the only longshot for him would be winning another USO.


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Djoker hasn't gotten one, so he isn't in the conversation, and Fed is certainly closer than Nadal, if Nads isn't around at the FO next year, then Fed gets it.


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As much of a Fed fan that I am, I will say that Nadal has the best chance of winning another career grand slam for 2 reasons. One is that Nadal is younger giving him more time to accomplish another career slam. The second reason is because Nadal dominates on Clay so much that I don't really see Fed winning the FO again.

You never know what Djoker might end up doing...he could have another amazing year in 2013 so he might win 2 career slams although I doubt it.