Fed & Nadal versus Roddick & Blake!

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    a-rod and james blake have both challenged fed & nadal for prematurely holding a news conference to criticize the atp for its proposed changes to the master series calendar.

    the tension between americans and europeans atp players is becoming more apparent as tennis tries to figure out how to grow the sport of tennis, which tournaments to eliminate or downgrade, etc. likewise, the top american wta players (i.e. the williams sisters) also challenged the wta on plans to expand/upgrade tournaments in europe in 2009, at the expense of american events.


    i have to agree with a-rod and blake:

    a-rod - it's economics baby!
    "What no one is talking about is the finances of it," Roddick said. "This is not a knock on (Monte Carlo). The tournament is amazing, they run it great, the players love it. It's the most beautiful stadium we have.

    "But if you get 70,000 people a week in Monte Carlo and then if you have a place like Cincinnati, it may be a little further out and a lot of Europeans don't like going there, but if the attendance is 180,000 and you're looking at it as a business model and who brings in the most revenue, when it's time to make cuts, that person is going to get cut."

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