Fed on clay or Nadal on grass, who is better at their worst surface?

Better Goat at their worst surface?

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This is an interesting question, even more for those who say Nadal is the least complete Goat across all surfaces.


Not really peak when Rafa beat him at 19. What younger legs. Federer was 24. A lot more physically fitter than a 19 year old. Couldn't finish the job.
Sorry, I only talk seriously about matches with people who actually have seen what they're commenting. I'm 100% sure you started watching tennis in 2012 in the best case scenario.

Rafa was a phenom. So what he was 19? Pele was 18 during the 1958 World Cup, so? You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Not even on his absolute peak (2008) he wasn't as fast as he was on his first proper full year on tour (2005). To know this you must've watched the matches, this is not written on wikipedia.