Fed out of Rome


damn i actually would have had a chance to see this match live. oh well its probably for the best. tbh for his comeback on clay after 3 years of not playing, he did well. Also it was unexpected for him to play Rome since originally the plan was 1 clay tournament before RG so atleast they got to see him for a few days. although lmao i have to feel for coric, he had mps, lost and now roger is withdrawing.

also rofl tournament deserves this, doubling the ticket prices and scheduling people the way they did only for roger to withdraw.


Osaka, Federer, the list is endless... If Tsitsipas is smart he will forfeit the semi, leave nadal in a vacuum with just Novak to haunt bull.

Itś going down but for Tsitsipas. When will he bow to money and corporate interests?

Fed's withdrawal is so odorous, all we need now is a final withdrawal by Nadal or Djokovic, and the spectators will have taken a number from the rear.


God I hope it’s just precautionary. He’s been in such good form since Dubai and don’t want him losing this momentum, particularly with grass season just around the corner
same, like yeah it was nice seeing roger play on clay and show that he has a lot fight left in him, but tbh idk what he plans on achieving here, he needs an amazing draw at rg and a few others knocked out, i'd rather him focus his energy on the slam he actually has a chance of winning.

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I enjoy this for two reasons. One, Borna Coric may be a wonderful person off court but his game is so mindblowingly uninspired and grunt riddled that I will never not love when a result goes against him. And two, the organizers at Rome more than deserved this. There's maximising profit by increasing prices and then there's what they did. Double the price and no refunds? What a joke. I hope Federer never plays there again.


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This does make the SF interesting. Tsitsipas with a day to rest while nadal has to play his third match in two days (to be fair, he practically he decimated both his opponents yesterday). Perhaps this will allow Tsitsipas to take the first set into a tiebreaker at least ;)


He should have finished the job then. If he couldn't beat Federer at 38 , then he doesn't deserve to be in Quarters.
Well sure. I never said he deserved the win, Fed was better when it mattered. Just pointing the obvious that he was very close.


I hope he’s alright. I didn’t think he had much chance winning this match anyway. Good decision to just pull out. He doesn’t need more matches on clay and he definitely doesn’t need to lose another close one. Rest up for RG champ!


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I truly sad news. I looked forward seeing Federer against Tsitsipas, Nadal and, especially, Djokovic.


Two matches in one day is tough for a 37 year old. He did good to make it through them and win. Coric has to be really upset with himself now because this was a missed opportunity. I would given him a chance to beat Tsits.
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