Fedal are currently the oldest champions of all 4 slams and holders of no.1 ranking

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AO: Fed, aged 36 years and 5 months.

FO: Nadal, aged 33. And the scary thing is that he still hasn't stopped winning. This number will only increase in the future.

Wimb: Fed, aged 35 years and 11 months.

USO: Nadal, aged 33 years and 3 months.

No.1 ranking: Fed, aged 36 years and 10 months.

I find this incredible, given that these are the 5 biggest things in tennis.

Djokovic is the only one with a chance to have his own oldest record somewhere. But his chances aren't great at most of these:

AO: he'll have to win a title in 2024. It would make him 36 years and 8 months old, 3 months older than Fed when he last won it.

FO: I don't think Djoko will be a contender at RG in his old years anymore.

Wimb: He'll need to win in 2023. He'll be almost 36 and 2 months, 3 months older than Fed when he last won it. Assuming, of course, that Fed doesn't add another one before he retires.

No.1: he'll have to be no.1 in April of 2024.

The USO is the most likely to happen, as all he needs to do is to win it this year. He'll be 15 days older than Nadal if he does it.

I think by the time this year is over, Novak will become the oldest USO champion and Nadal will extend his oldest FO champion record.

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