Federer 5 consecutive major finals


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I thought it was interesting that Federer has now played in 5 Major finals in a row, winning 4 of them. By way of comparison Sampras managed no more than 3 in a row since the French open proved too big a challenge for Sampras so his run didn't exceed 3 in a row.

Borg, another all time great, made 6 finals in a row then abruptly left the game.

Moose Malloy

Borg 6 in a row of those he played in. Don't think he ever got to Aussie final.
Well, he only played it once, when he was 17. It wasn't considered a real major by the top players of the time. The list of Aussie winners of that time is unimpressive.


Laver had 8, 6 in 1961-2, 2 in 68. In fact, in 19 majors between 1960 and 69 he wasn-t in the final three times, once sf RG, once 2nd round, both to Santana, one round sixteen Forest Hills 68 (losing to Cliffie).