Federer and Djokvoic pay tribute to Sir Andy


Talk Tennis Guru
Really puts the mortality aspect of a tennis career into full view. Obviously Andy goes out first, but it just makes me sad thinking that all of the Big 4 will eventually retire, and sooner rather than later if I was to guess, Federer in particular.
I've been hit harder by this than I expected too. Really feel sad. I had almost expected Muzz to have a comeback like Fed/Nadal/Djoko did and win a major again.

Still, he has had an amazing career. And as Nadal said, achieved almost everything in the sport.

Respect to a great player. Tennis is poorer without him.


Wait wait wait wait

In the tribute They put Roger first, then Nole, then a bunch of players... then Rafa. I can't believe it! So disrespectful.

The maker/editor/editor in chief of this video must be fired immediately!