Federer and his recovery footwork

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    Oct 29, 2004
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    Check the wide, low, athletic, stance, the crossover step when starting the
    recovery (for a more energetic rebound), the very quick sequence of
    shuffle steps, as well as the presence of some "stutter steps" in the
    moving sequence to the backhand, a la Donald Budge:

    http://www.tenniscruz.com/movies/Roger Federer/RFederer_FootW.htm
    http://www.tenniscruz.com/movies/Roger Federer/RFederer_FootW1.htm
    http://www.tenniscruz.com/movies/Roger Federer/RFederer_BHRun.htm
    http://www.tenniscruz.com/movies/Roger Federer/RFederer_BHRun1.htm

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