Federer backs out of Davis Cup vs. Spain...how surprising

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by crackbillionair, Jan 6, 2010.

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    You think davis cup is the players only exposure to training? Pmac isnt a great coach either, he rode his brothers coat tails to where he is. Why do you think he doesnt coach any tour player?

    Who cares if someone has seen sampras play. Watching a match or a television doesnt make you more knowledgable about the game. I do find it amusing when people who obviously dont own a racket try to sell me something based on their fandom.
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    You can add Roddick to the "not playing DC" list. Announced this morning.
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    I think the US may have wanted to fire Blake for Querrey anyway
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    Exactly. You haven't seen Sampras. So you have been watching tennis a few years only. You don't know the importance of Davis Cup because you are a newbie. It's okay. I understand.

    PMac doesn't coach a player because he is captain of our DC team. He did coach Andy Roddick briefly before Stefanki did, but the DC demands are great and so it was only a short term thing.

    Don't is a contraction. Don't. Like that. 'Dont' is not a word, guy. PMac made the semifinals at the AO one year. How exactly does Johnny Mac get credit for that feat?

    Coaching DC is such a time committment that Johnny Mac could no longer honor it. The coach not only chooses the surface and the players, but often helps design the court to tailor them to the strengths of the players. PMac actually had a lot to do with the building of the Baltimore surface.

    So I know why Patrick McEnroe doesn't coach a player...in fact, he's in charge of the entire developmental program as well, so he is overseeing dozens of kids and helping them find specific coaches that are best for them. He has brought in Higueras as a consultant to the whole program to improve our youngsters play on clay. Do you know who that is?

    I also know how to spell knowledgeable and racquet. And I own a racquet too, btw. But being a novice player has never really made anybody knowledgeable about the pro game either.
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    I forgot (and you are right), the US did win it with Roddick, Black & Bryan Bros. - thank you for the heads up - I stand corrected.
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    No he didn't. He played when others had already done the work for him to get to the later stages of the DC. Let Stan Wawrinka & co get SUI to the QF or better, and IF federer skips the DC, then you have a point. Until then, enjoy reading the following links on how Sampras always responded to his "call of duty" :)

    My personal favorite :)

    link 1

    link 2

    link 3

    link 4

    link 5

    link 6

    link 7

    And something most relevant to Fed's decision:

    link 8

    Look, you probably are justified in expressing disappointment at Fed's decision to skip DC, but don't make it sound like Sampras was something different; he was not. He saw a chance at glory and took it when the rest had collectively taken the USA to the final stages of the tournament. He was a DC opportunist, and it is also evident from the scant # of DC matches he has played. His priority was always the grandslams and maintaining #1, and he made no secret of it. Nothing wrong with it -- just that you seem to make a big deal out of it when Fed does it.

    And you come across as hypocritical if you condemn federer for something that Sampras also did throughout his career, yet heap accolades on Sampras for the same.
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