Federer Berdych French Ope 2006 4R statistics


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Federer def Berdych 6-3,6-2,6-2

Aces : Federer - 8, Berdych - 6

DFs : Federer - 1, Berdych - 3

SWs: Federer - 1, Berdych - 1

FHWs : Federer - 13, Berdych - 6

BHWs: Federer - 8, Berdych - 4

FHV : Federer - 1, Berdych - 2

BHV : Federer - 0,Berdych - 3

FH UEs : Federer - 8,Berdych - 15

BH UEs: Federer - 7,Berdych - 14

FH FEs: Federer - 18,Berdych - 18

BH FEs: Federer - 13,Berdych - 15

OH: Federer - 0,Berydch - 4

Net points :Federer - 6/9, Berdych - 20/32

Unreturned serves :

1st serve :Federer - 12, Berdych - 10

2nd serve : Federer - 6, Berdych - 3

% of serves unreturned :

Federer - 27/79* (34.17%)
Berdych - 20/92* (21.74%)

BP chances :
Federer - 6/16
Berdych - 1/3

In summary :

Winners : Federer - 31, Berdych -26
UEs: Federer - 16, Berdych - 32
FEs: Federer - 31, Berdych - 33

*2 points are missing overall, one for berdych and one for federer.
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I did notes on this match as well a while back.

2006 FO R4 - [1] Roger Federer vs [20] Tomas Berdych. Roger wins 6/3 6/2 6/3.

Roger #1 in the world, Tomas #20 in the world. Great first hold for Fed, with some well placed serves. Fed exploiting Berdych's lesser movement right now. A lot of wrong footing early on. Love 30. Good stuff from Berdych. Big forehand into the open court, and he follows it up to the net for the volley put-away. 30-30. Cheap forehand, and Fed has BP. Big forehands from Berdych into the weaker side of Fed, and gets the short ball for the overhead. Deuce. Fed has BP #2, as Berdych again nets a forehand he shouldn't of missed. Good serve. Deuce. Long 2nd game here. Too many cheap errors from Tomas. BP #3. Fed chases down a volley into the open court, and whip a forehand dtl that just misses. Very close to breaking. Back to deuce. Tomas toughens out the hold for 1-1. Had to work extremely hard there. Fed holds comfortably for 2-1. 30-30 here. Backhand long from Berdych,and Fed has a BP. Tomas struggling for rhythm. Saved with a god serve/forehand combo. Great 2nd serve backhand return forces the error, and Fed has BP #2 of this game. Fed finally breaks through. Short slice draws Berdych in, and he drives the backhand dtl forcing another error. Serving at 3-1. 30-30 here, as Tomas takes the 2nd serve early and hits the backhand dtl for the winner. Tomas taking control of a rally from the return, and Fed's forehand travels well long. BP. Tomas did pretty much everything right, but Fed chases down the drop volley and rolls it dtl for the winner. "Come on" from Fed. Some long games in this 1st set. Sorry brilliant tennis from Berdych here, but can't seem to string a few good points together. Fed holds on for 4-1, with a serve/forehand combo. Tomas comes through for 2-4. No easy game for Tomas. Fed's movement so good out there. Glides around the court and gets into position on nearly everything. Solid hold for 5-2. Tomas holds. Love hold for Fed, and he takes the 1st set. Berdych too erratic to make any serious damage.

30-30 on Tomas's serve. Brilliant depth from Fed on the forehand, and Tomas can't handle it. Backhand well wide, and Fed has BP. Fed goes big on the 2nd serve backhand return but misses. Deuce. Tomas holds on for 1-0. Slight frustration from Fed there. A great chance to break in that game. Fed levels it at 1-1. This first strike tennis killing Berdych. Can't get into the Fed service games. 15-30 here, as Fed wins a backhand cross-court rally. 30-30. Tomas has had a few opportunities to come to the net, bbut chooses not to. Must be wary of the Fed pass. Holds for 2-1 regardless. Minute hold for 2-2. Pressure right back on Tomas. Tomas dictating and comes to the net, but screws up the volley. Maybe that's why he's hesitant to move forward when the opportunity presents itself, lol. Again Tomas gets burned at the net. Low defensive short slice, Tomas with the backhand slice approach, and Fed rolls the forehand dtl. 2 BPs. 1 saved. No way! What defense from Fed! Tomas did everything right, but Fed tracks down the volley into the open court and manages to hit an amazing lob. Breaks for 3-2. 30-30. Fed holds for 4-2, with a forehand wrong footing Tomas. Fed pressing for a double break. Has spread the court well today, leaving Berdych constantly off balance. Man, Fed's short slice tactic has worked wonders today. The approach shot has to be perfect against Fed. Fed passes dtl off the backhand side, and has 2 BPs. Fed hustling, and Tomas finally gives up the error. Fed breaks for 5-2. Raised his level in this 2nd set. Tomas gets himself a BP, but Fed erases it with an ace. Fed wins the next two points, and takes a 2 set lead.

Just want Tomas needed. A fast love hold to start off the 3rd set. Tomas has love 30 here. Some heavy hitting from Tomas, brilliant depth included. Forces the error, and he has 2 BPs. Perfect start to the 2nd set. Tomas breaks for 2-0. Tomas really playing at his best right now. What a start to the 3rd. Executing everything perfectly. Short angles, big serves, etc. Holds for 3-0. Fed has only won 2 points in this 3rd so far. Fed roars in frustration, as Tomas hits a short angled forehand, which Fed hits well long. A bit of Fed magic there. Big serve out wide, good deep return from Tomas, and Fed carves the drop shot to perfection. Holds for 1-3. Fed anticipates the cross-court forehand from Berdych, and drives the pass cross-court for the winner. Love 30. DF, and Fed has 2 BPs. Ace to save 1. Absolute monster of a forehand from Berdych to save the 2nd BP. Fed draws the error, and has BP. Tomas pushing Fed further back and back, and finally gets a short ball, but his final forehand clips the net tape and lands wide. BP. Fed opens up the court with the cross-court backhand, and drives the backhand dtl for the winner. Roars, as he breaks back for 2-3. 30-30 here on Fed's serve. Serve and forehand combo for 40-30. Cheap forehand error, and Fed holds for 3-3. Fed with the momentum now. Pumped up. 30-30. Fed not happy with that missed forehand. 40-30. Deuce, as Tomas coughs up a cheap forehand error. Tomas struggling with his 1st serve %. Wow, one of the best passing shots of the match from Fed. It was a great approach as well. BP. Another 2nd serve coming. Tomas goes big on the 2nd, but DFs. Fed breaks for 4-3. Fed consolidates for 5-3. A game away now. 15-30 here. Crowd cheering. Shank backhand return and it's 30-30. Fed wrong foots Berdych with a backhand dtl, gets the short ball, and finishes the point off with the forehand at the net. MP. Berdych's final forehand wide, and Fed wins. Straight sets. A bit tougher than the scoreline suggests.

Thirty two times Berdych came to the net, though a lot of them thanks to Federer and his short slice.


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By set :


Federer - 4,4,0
Berdych - 3,0,3


Federer - 0,1,0
Berdych - 0,0,3

Service Winners:

Federer - 1,0,0
Berdych - 0,0,1


Federer - 4,5,4
Berdych - 2,2,2


Federer - 3,3,2
Berdych - 3,1,0


Federer - 0,0,1
Berdych - 1,0,1


Federer - 0,0,0
Berdych - 2,1,0


Federer - 4,1,3
Berdych - 5,2,8


Federer - 1,2,4
Berdych - 7,5,2


Federer - 8,6,4
Berdych - 6,6,6


Federer - 3,3,7
Berdych - 8,5,2

OH :

Federer - 0,0,0
Berdych - 2,1,1

Net points :

Federer - 1/1,0/2,5/6
Berdych - 10/13,4/11,6/8

Unreturned serves :

1st serve :

Federer - 6,3,3
Berdych - 5,3,2

2nd serve :

Federer - 4,0,2
Berdych - 1,1,1

BP chances :

Federer - 1/6,2/4,3/6
Berdych - 0/1,0/1,1/1