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    Federer shoe collection

    Not sure if I am opening myself up to massive ridicule here but.. apparently I have by far the largest collection :\

    I want to be clear that I do not buy EVERYTHING Federer. He sometimes has amazing style and I only buy the things that I might like for myself. In reality I dislike the vast majority of his outfits as they do not speak to my own style. There was a period between 2007 and 2010 where some of his outfits were truly amazing in my opinion.

    I will make multiple posts as I have way too much crap. I hope someone actually appreciates the details that I am posting because I am having to look these things up online to reference when they are from because I myself do not recall any of this information.

    Let's start with shoes..

    Nike Lunarlite Vapor Tour 2010 retail. These are the retail version of Federer's 2010 Australian Open shoes. His actual shoes are gorgeous and are very different from the retail version. My set has the RF logo on the back and on the tongue. The shoes are pretty nice and I use them exclusively for hard courts. They could use a lot better side support. I mainly use these on clay (all shoes are cleaned and taken care of).

    Nike Lunar Vapor 8 2011 retail. Retail version of Federer's 2011 Australian Open shoes. Decent shoes but feel a bit plastic when raising up. Tight on the sides of the feet, the shoes were designed in a narrow way. A lot of people have complained about this. Very strange design.

    Nike ZoomAir 2008 retail. Retail version of Federer's 2008 Australian Open shoes. I never noticed I had such a theme going with the AOpen LMAO. These shoes are very different from Fed's pair. He wore a black trim set during the 2008 US Open. I still have two pairs and they are fantastic with great support.

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor VI Tour 2009 grass edition. I cannot recall which tournament Federer wore this COLOR in but this is the shoe he predominately used during 2009. These shoes are very rare now. Terrible shoe. Very stiff and the color fades due to the chemical used in the coating. People have issues a lot of complaints about these shoes. I only use these shoes on grass and you can see that the shoes have turned into an off-green color. That is not dirt either..the exterior of the shoe just gets absolutely destroyed after playing a few times. Very bizarre.

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor VI Tour 2009 retail. Federer's night shoe at the 2009 US Open. Most beautiful sneakers I have ever seen. I use these solely on hard courts. The exterior coating does not fade so easily on these but instead builds up plastic bubbles in the crease marks. Finding these shoes (now) above a size 10 is literally impossible. Relatively comfortable shoe.

    Nike Zoom Vapour Tour 2010 retail (or something..). I do not recall when Federer wore these during 2010 but I recall that he did. I have two pairs of these and they are not bad. Almost identical to the previous version. Apparently these were then re-released as Lunarlite instead of Lunarlon..wtf. I mainly use these on grass.

    Nike Lunar Vapor 8 Tour 2011(?) retail. I cannot say enough about these shoes. Absolutely fantastic and my shoe of choice. I use this exclusively on hard courts. Great feel, comfort and internal grip. Lacing system is fantastic.

    I had Federer's 2012 world tour final shoes (retail) but threw them out in Bolivia.. don't ask.

    For anyone who was counting those were 9 pairs of Federer shoes. If you notice I stopped in 2011. I am not a fan of his newer styles. The new lacing system is much better and they have good side support but I do not like the design. Rafa's newest shoe is very nice.. I am considering that for down the road.
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    Federer jackets

    I love jackets. Some (not all) of Federer's jackets are neat and I was able to get my hands on a few of them (not his originals!)

    Wimbledon 2012 jacket - Bought this on tenniswarehouse. This has the RF on the upper arm

    Montreal 2012 jacket(?) - Not positive on the year or tournament. Not a big fan of this.. have never actually bothered wearing it. tenniswarehouse again

    Montreal 2009 jacket - Very limited edition. I like the color setup on this one.

    US Open 2009 jacket - Extremely limited edition. LOVE this color setup, the red trim is fantastic.

    Wimbledon 2009 jacket - Limited edition. Gorgeous color combo. This rare edition has the 15 (grand slam) listing on the back.

    Wimbledon 2010 jacket - Limited edition. Not a huge fan of the pockets but the snap at the neck is brilliant. This is a very stylish piece.

    I also have the 2009 French Open jacket but I lent it out and do not have a photo - http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2009/SPORT/06/09/federer.olympics.london/art.federer.gi.jpg

    Indian Wells 2009 - this was the same as the Montreal 2009 but white with black trim. Jacket was ruined so I tossed it.

    There are a few others that I would possibly get but do not care enough.

    His signature jackets started in 2009 and I jumped all over those (clearly) and they went out of limited production extremely quick. The 2010 line was not as nice and then the style went downhill for me and I did not bother with anymore.
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    Oct 14, 2010
    Federer shirts

    I cannot recall all of the tournaments but will do my best to list the shirts..

    Wimbledon 2012 - I prefer buttoned shirts and this is a pretty nice one. I think I have worn this maybe once.

    Wimbledon 2010(?) - I have the entire set for this and only wear this on grass (since all white is required)

    Australian Open 2011 - I have two of these. The dri-fit material is so amazing..this shirt is incredible. It is VERY bright and I preferred his alternate set which was white with yellow trim. I had that setup as well but it was destroyed in the laundry :\

    Beijing Olympics 2008 - Good luck trying to find this LMAO. I was living in China at the time and let's just say I know enough people at Nike to have gotten my hands on this. This was not worn by Federer but it was made for team swiss. Since it is Federer's size it is too small for me. I have worn it twice and since it is too small I will not wear it again.

    Indian Wells..? This is a very rare but absolutely gorgeous shirt. Please note that this is NOT the newer zip orange shirt that Federer has worn but the much older shirt from years back. This has beautiful white trim on the V up into the collar. By far one of my favorite shirts. I commonly wear this on clay.

    No idea when or where this one is from

    Same.. some Masters from like 2010 or something. Great shirt.

    2010 US Open - Never bothered wearing it

    2009 Madrid - Love this shirt. I have two of them and use them on clay. I have played on center court in Madrid (recreational hitting) wearing this..hilarious

    2011 Cincinatti - Love this one as well. So comfortable

    2009 US Open day session or.? Do not recall

    2009 US Open night session. I have the complete set of Federer's 2009 US Open night session. It took me years of (not looking very hard) looking to find someone finally selling this shirt.

    There are at least a dozen other shirts of his that I really like but have not gotten my hands on. My lack of effort is very low as this is not something I really care much about. My posts might say the contrary but look at the years of these items.. most stem from 2009. I have a huge collection but do not bother expanding it.. that is my point :)
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    Federer hats

    I wear hats from time to time (not for tennis) and the RF logo is pretty cool so I purchased some hats over time.

    The hats you can buy now all say "Federer" on the adjustable velcro on the back". Here are three hats from that series. Each hat matches a full outfit that I have.

    Before the "Federer" version there was the Dri-Fit edition. This was 2009 or so. These were essentially the first versions of the Federer hats on the market. These hats are pretty beaten up lol

    This one is very rare but not in very good shape. 2009 Wimbledon hat. This was made specially for Federer and I was able to get my hands on one of them. During 2009 that was not very difficult to do. Plenty of these were made for Federer and others and I was able to get my hands on one since I know people at Nike. This has a golden RF and a Wimbledon 5 emblem on the right side.

    Here is a replica - http://dailyracquet.typepad.com/.a/6a00e0097e4617883300e5539e4f448834-320wi

    Roger Federer foundation - This was given to me AT the Roger Federer foundation in Switzerland. It is not signed and I have never met Roger Federer in person but have been very close to him on numerous occasions.

    It is rare that I wear any hats now so these just sit in a tennis closet.
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    Federer equipment

    Hopefully this is the last post for you guys.

    I have 15+ pairs of shorts which are all Federer. By that I mean I usually bought these shorts during a specific time of year when Federer was using the same short.. as opposed to say buying random white shorts in 2014.

    I believe all of the shorts were purchased on tenniswarehouse from 2008 onward. Here are two examples

    US Open


    I also have a collection of Federer warmup pants. These are very easy to get if you pay attention at the right times of year. I have two beautiful Wimbledon 2009 and 2010 warmups..which are both too short for me :\

    Socks? Anyone playing tennis without wearing double socks or the thick dri-fit socks is risking injury. I always play with double socks and only wear the dri-fit during practices and drills. Some of the black and also whites are the same that Federer has used (retail). Boring.. I know


    Federer's KFactor bag. This is fantastic as it is waterproof and also lightweight. Federer used this bag in 2007 (correct me if I am wrong..). I use this as my second bag to hold towels and workout equipment when going onto the practice courts.

    Federer's BLX bag. Gorgeous bag. Durable and lite. I usually keep 6+ frames in here.

    Wristbands - I wear one on my hitting arm. Variety of colors to match outfits. Note the 2009 US Open one. I really like the orange as well.

    Headbands - Various colors to match Fed's outfits. I have plenty more of the same colors.

    Overgrip - Same overgrip as Federer but.. really, is there something better?! No way

    String savers - Applied the same as Fed's setup. I just switched to these friction fighters.

    Gut anyone? - Identical string setup as Federer BUT.. I have since moved to a 17 gauge gut on the mains as I do not break strings.

    Near identical K90 - Minor differences but I am not trying to have Fed's IDENTICAL frame as some of the changes are irrelevant for 99.9999% of humans on earth..such as the custom tie-off points.

    My 5 BLX Prostaff frames being worked on.. a lot of work to do on these to make them identical

    btw I am a level 6.0 and have played with ATP coaches and players. I play very similar to Federer in some regards.. all-court.. take the ball very early.. serve/volley sometimes.. good net play.. single handed backhand that follows the fundamentals of Federer's swing.. ETC ETC ETC.. will that MAKE ME Federer? Of course not and that is not the point lol. I am not a very competitive person so I do not bother with tournaments as I never had ANY interest in trying to go pro. Tennis is now just for fun and cardio.

    Looking stylish on the court is fun and important to me. Other people do not give a crap and go shirtless in public (go try that on private grass courts...).. to each their own but I see tennis as a gentleman's sport and I want to look and feel as proper as I can. I think since most people play on public hard courts they are not accustomed to the pedigree that goes along with grass court tennis nor the strict dress code. The same goes for playing at club level European clay courts. If someone cannot afford nicer clothing and equipment and they are slumming it on the courts that is entirely fine.. I have no argument. I have seen people get very defensive on threads about Federer's clothing.

    Unlike Fabfed I have no interest in obtaining autographed memorabilia. I have met many ATP pro's (including Agassi) but have never bothered asking for autographs. It would be nice to have a hit with Federer one day and even then I would not bother asking for his autograph. I am done ranting... sorry for posting so much information but the thread is called "Federer equipment fanatics club" and apparently I am the Club President :(

    Here is a photo of my tennis closet
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    The 6
    Looks like he's also describing his favourite off-court equipment! ;)
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    Wodz thank you so much, that was what I was looking for!
    I wish I could get that much of His kit. I love your closet!
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    does anyone have this shirt? if so im interested in buying it. can be reached at 8609890142, bennor97@yahoo.com or here.
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    Can you say OCD?
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    I've just recently starting acquiring some Fed stuff, I've got some pretty sweet stuff so far.

    1) 2010 French Open Polo
    2) 2009 French Open Polo - Coming in the mail now
    3) 2012 French Open Polo - My fav.
    4) 2013 Madrid Tourmaline Green RF Crew
    5) 2012 Shanghai Blue and Black Polo

    I'm pretty stoked to have found all these in such a short time, but i'm looking for some more in colors other than blue and black. lol
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    Man, i can't seem to pull up any of Wodz's pics. It probably too old.
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    Me neither, it just says "content not found".

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