Federer fans, if Safin had dominated the era instead of Federer...


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would you have been a Safin fan and supported him as much as Federer? Back before Federer started dominating, both were seen as insanely talented players who could become the next GOAT. Only after 2003 did everything click for Federer and the domination started. If the roles were reversed and Safin capitalized fully on his talent instead of Federer, where would you be now as a tennis fan?
No :)


I was a fan of Roddick, but Federer eventually won me over by 2005. I did like the way Safin played. I think that Safin would have been my 2nd favorite player behind Roddick.
Off course, no one wants to be losers fan...

And, almost forgot, Fed has beautiful backhand... Looool

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I wanted Safin to dominate the era and am really disappointed that he didn't. He had so much potential and I pegged him as one of the all-time greats. He is the only player I have ever thought was going to be an ATG who turned out not to be ):


I didn't become a real fan of Federer until he was about 30 and Rafa/Nole/Andy slow court generation took hold.

I started pulling for Fed because he had basically become the flag bearer for a bygone era of aggressive, offensive tennis. If that had been Safin instead, an old man ripping the ball as hard as he could to get winners past those young speed demons, you better believe that's who I'd be rooting for.


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May be, yes. When I started following sports in general as a kid back then, it was through newspapers and my favourite players were simply whoever won. Schumacher, Venus, Fed, Tiger, Sachin and Vishwanathan Anand. I didn't start watching live stuff until 2003 when we got a new TV for the cricket world cup. And 2003 coincided with Fed's rise, although I've been his fan before that, seeing him play cemented my fan crush. But honestly, yes, may be if Safin had dominated and I didn't get TV, may be I'd have switched wagon.

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I have always disliked Federer, even before Rafa came along and won my heart! :) There have been a combination of factors but the biggest one is that I usually prefer scrappers to patricians. I would have vastly preferred for Safin to have reached his potential but it never happened.