Federer has turned back the clock


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After having an injured back for 2 years he looks completely healthy. I expected this to be his last year and to see him exist in the first and second rounds of tournments.

Even if it was 2004 Federer would still have lost to Nadal just as he did back then, but to beat Tsonga and Murray shows he could, at the very least go back ti top 3, if not higher.


I agree, and took a lot of positives out of Federer's AO performance overall. Even the match against Nadal he was dictating quite a number of rallies where he was able to charge the net, but all the UE's including right up at the net, really hurt his chances. We'll see a lot more from Fed this year, he'll be contending going into later rounds much more often than last year is my prediction.


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He's defended the first of only two decent points hauls from 2013 (Rome being the other). Should be a better year ahead.