Federer hints that 2021 might be the end. States "i'm at the end of my career"


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In a weird way, it almost seems fitting that after this Covid chaos the tour will be completely different from what we are used to. I feel there's going to be massive disruptions to the tour (as in top 10 players failing and lower ranked players rising up the ranks). I honestly can't say with surety that the slams will be dominated by the big 3. I don't know how the tennis world will look after this is all good and done

It's gonna be a wasteland like in the early 2000s.

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I won’t be sad when Fed retires. I certainly hope he has a last hurrah - another Slam win or an Olympic gold medal in singles and one more Basel victory. Would also be nice if he is able to beat Connors titles record. But I’m tired of seeing Djokovic win these nail biters against him when Fed displays tennis clearly good enough to win but just tightens up on the biggest points.

I will definitely watch tennis less with Fed gone, as will many others. So it will definitely be a huge loss for the sport when he retires.
What about when Lenny and Leo Federer go pro in 2032?


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See I told you it would work. You play tennis and let me do the talking.



Then stop expecting him to keep on playing any longer.

I expect him to play on as long as he feels like it.

He has publicly said that he loves the game, doesn't want to stop playing and he shows that with his actions.

He loves tennis so much he follows it even down to the Futures level. Someone like that isn't going to give it up anytime soon, especially when millions worldwide are paying him to do what he loves.

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We didn't know COVID was going to cancel most of the season when he got the surgery back in February.

And I really doubt the March-July events getting canceled made a difference in him not wanting to retire.
Oh of course but my point was I don’t think we’ll see slams for a while still. The Australian Open looks up in the air unless they move it elsewhere. The US has their in the sand if they think the USO will go on and be fine without infections. Maybe RG will be ok but I’m not sure on the Covid situation in France and what the quarantine rules are.


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Finally...The skiing holiday is happening...
His parents said “the King is Dead” like 10 years ago. Not exactly prophets.

Fed and Djoker want it because it's one of the very few achievements they've not yet bagged. Since Nadal's done it, I would strongly assume if given the choice, he'd choose to win the YEC since he's never won it. And 1500 points beats 0 points for an OGM.
I don’t think Rafa or any other player would play a couple of years extra on tour close to retirement just to try to win YEC.


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Basel 2021 seems a very possible finish for Federer, but hopefully he will play so well next season that he will want to keep on for an additional season or two. His departure will damage the tour, maybe irreparably.


Well tbf, he’s been at the end of his career for a good 7-8 years. If it hadn’t been for the weak lost gen and next gen he probably would’ve retired a few years ago.

Yup, and he's been talking like this for years.

Nadal also says he's near the end of his career, I don't believe either of them. Rafa will still be winning RG 5 years from now.


Nothing new in this interview... Same, logical story that he will retire when he is not in competition for titles and till body can hold on...
Important point in his career will be his comeback after this injury... He may not be near old him when I see him retire next year, or he can be old him when I see him playing short schedule for few years more...

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He's already said he has no interest to play doubles after he retires from singles. He was emphatic on that point in his presser after AO 2018: "to be honest, no interest to do that, I can't even imagine it."
I don't even know why people think it's a thing that might happen. It makes no sense. It has all the negatives of the Tour grind and none of the positives. If he wants to play tennis he can just play exho's for exorbitant amounts of money. If he enjoyed doubles he'd play it more anyway.


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He’s gonna have a real hard time winning a gold, though representing your country is always an honor. Maybe Hingis could come back. Otherwise, he might be better off revolving himself around Wimbledon for another few years.


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Maybe Fed could put together a senior tour that is actually something special, no offense to the current ones. If he could snag the rest of the big five out of retirement, and others like Delpo and Nishi who’s fans will be desperate for more, that thing could probably rival the real tour for a few years.


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He’s gonna have a real hard time winning a gold, though representing your country is always an honor. Maybe Hingis could come back. Otherwise, he might be better off revolving himself around Wimbledon for another few years.

Competition for mixed doubles is usually not high he can win a gold there, especially alongside a top female player like Bencic


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Yeah, they’ve got some Hopman experience. Good way to bring down the curtain to be seen as someone who values female players as much as solo glory. But deep down, it will not satisfy.


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Without Novak, Federer is still the favorite for AO and WB. And Novak is not as consistent as before. Why would Federer retire?