Federer injured in bed

maybe this blog thing wasn't such a good idea. the news world has changed, I see "blogs" cited in mainstream sites all the time. not sure if federer intended it to be picked up by msnbc when writing.

its nice that he's being so detailed in his blog, but makes himself come across as a bit kooky. i imagine its not very common for 25 year old guys to wake up & run around screaming in the middle of the night, even those that drink a lot of sake.


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The sake kindled the subconscious fear of facing Rafa in the Madrid Masters next, inducing the nightmare.
Heck with the success that he has had how can there be such thing as a nightmare, unless since everything always goes his way he is not extremely sensative to when it doesn't.

"A five setter! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Then jumped up and ran around, even though in the dream he won the five setter but he now see going any more than 2-3 sets a losing LOL

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And to think i actually heard him say his favourite 4 letter word in person from 10 feet away while he was playing on a small court in Toronto. Only he wasn't injured that time, just laughing at a shot he missed in a doubles match.