Federer IS tennis. Djokovic is just background noise.

Today's match is a perfect example. Every dang point is old man Federer employing tactics against a ball machine. At times you forget who is on the other side of the net because who cares.


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Federer broke TTW, first by breaking and then blowing 2 match points on his own serve. TTW servers are shot, happens on another forum all the time during dramatic moments lol


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I think what you mean to say is Federer is a choker and Djokovic is just mental strength?
What use is Tennis if you are going to choke? I'd much rather be background noise with mental strength.


I would like to ask you, is it normal that Federer at this age covers the whole court like this, running like crazy. Djokovic at times was making him run left to right. Don't tell me about his flawless style, everyone with a brain could see what is going on...