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Can’t wait for the grass season to start honestly and hoping to get more out of RF than just three-four matches…hopefully the 4R withdrawal was all worth it…
Federer's first press conference from Halle

June 11, 2021, 2:04 p.m.
Tennis - Halle (Westphalia):

Halle / Westphalia - Tennis top star Roger Federer has taken a four-day break from training after his retirement from the French Open and before his start in Halle, Westphalia. His knee needed recovery, said the Swiss on Friday at a video press conference. He only briefly trained on grass for the first time on Thursday. "I am optimistic that I will feel okay for the next few days," said the 39-year-old. He was "very positive" that the knee would not show any negative reaction to the change from clay court to grass tennis.

At the French Open in Paris, Federer withdrew from the tournament after his third-round victory over Dominik Koepfer from the Black Forest. He was no longer running for the round of 16. Federer has just returned to the tennis tour after two knee operations and a break of more than a year.

The focus of the record Grand Slam tournament winner is on the upcoming grass tournaments with the classic at Wimbledon as the highlight. In Halle, the world number eight starts with some uncertainty. "I'm curious to see what's i have 8n myself. I have a good feeling. I don't know whether the number one goal is to win the tournament," said the ten-time Halle winner. "The main goal is to get to Wimbledon healthy. I haven't played enough to lean out the window and say that victory is only for me."

The Noventi Open starts on Saturday with the qualification games. The top peloton starts on Monday.

This lack of confidence is a little alarming...But the guy has just not played enough....The field in Halle is pretty strong....Tsitsipas just got a WC and it already has Medvedev, Rublev, Zverev apart from others such as Struff, Khachanov who could be dangerous on their day....


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Interesting that Roger will play on Monday at Halle, he usually has started on Wednesday's when playing there. He plays Ivashka at 1:00 pm German time. Grass season, here we come!

Yes….early start for Federer and also for us with the dust yet to settle after the RG final…I will however be busy with lab work in the morning…hoping he plays well….any idea on Ivashka’s game…knew he beat Zverev sometime in this year


Ugly match. Hopefully he gets better as the tournament progresses.
It was what you'd normally expect for the first match after a surface switch, particularly at his age.

I remember we were saying the same things in 2019, how his timing looked really off at Halle and that playing clay didn't help with his ground game at all. But come Wimbledon no one was saying that anymore.


Fed talks about his rivalry against Rafa, his first memories of seeing Rafa play, the speed of the Wimbledon grass and also reflects on the FO final from yesterday:

Informative interview. And Fedr confirmed that current WB grass has ".. definitely slowed down a lot, no doubt about that." At least it's still grass, so there's that, lol.

Fed is playing my boy FAA. Hopefully Fed will crush him. The guy is zero threat on ROS and can make life tricky for himself on serve as well.

That being said, FAA has had some good results on grass, unless it is a final ha.
Yeah have always found his game a little underwhelming for all the hype he gets…will not surprised if Federer gets the well playing version of FAA though…but feel Federer should prevail unless he has an atrocious day on court…
Terrible loss.....This was the problem with putting all the eggs in one basket...but yeah as fans we will have to take....Onwards and upwards....One of the worst things about these early exits is that we don't get to see the man that often after not seeing him for almost two years.....wins or losses don't matter in my opinion....Don't think Federer will play next week though....Has to somehow play into form in London...A QF or SF run is the only scenario I feel....Will be interesting to see what the man has to say...