Federer not popular in Switzerland? Man has a cologne out..


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There was a thread posted a few days back about Federer not being able to attract enough crowds for the Swiss Davis Cup match. Well, looking through an old interview, I found this:

Q. Martina Hingis mentioned you're so big in your own country, you have your own perfume. Do you expect the sales to soar after this week of being the world No. 1 and winning the tournament?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, hopefully. I have no idea. For the moment, we're just on the Swiss market. We're trying to get bigger there. Then we'll see if we go abroad. But we're trying to. You know, it's something we've done all ourselves. It's the Roger Federer fragrance. I helped a lot with it. It's something that means a lot to me. We'll see what happens.


So this guy is popular enough to be selling his perfume there. Whats up with the low Davis Cup attendance then? Expectations of low competitiveness? Boredom with his dominance? Maybe they only like how he smells, not how he plays.