Federer officially retiring (serious)


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Thank you Roger Federer!!!!!!!

What an incredible champion you were, are and always will be.

What a pleasure it was to watch you since back in 1998, all the way through to the end.

I am glad I got to watch you play. Thank you for all the memories. Enjoy the rest of your life, your legacy will never die.


So sad the great career is ending in this way. He should have played at least one more retirement event if not season. But I guess his body is done. Thanks Roger - you gave us a lot of special moments. And there will never be another Roger Federer in terms of playing style, complete skill set and shotmaking talent that he had. He will be remembered more for his playing style than his records.
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Thanks for everything Roger, it has been an incredible journey!
Remarkable 20+ years of tennis and emotions, and the engineer / founder of the Golden Era we all had the privilege to witness in the 2000s and 2010s. Unique player, great shotmaker - certainly someone who captured the attention and hearts of many around the world

Wish all the very best in the next phase of life - understand this is the toughest decision possible, to call time on what has been a fantastic career. A travesty that it has to end this way as I'm sure he and all his fans would have wanted it to be on his terms, playing another proper match / tournament