Federer right now


Looking like the fourth best contender right now. 1. Nadal 2. Tsitsipas 3. Djoker 4. Fed 5. Z-boy

Tennis wise he is by far the best even now. He makes Djokovic look like an amateur. The problem is that in recent years when things get close he sometimes mentally starts having doubts and then the mistakes creep in. But when he is mentally relaxed and he is playing freely then he still plays the best tennis out there.


Bionic Poster
If Fed wins RG, I will record myself eating a RF hat
Make it a full course meal, s'il te plaît.



Hall of Fame
When taking into consideration the speed of the serve, Federer surely must have the GOAT serve. I mean he is serving a Hewitt-pace-sub200k/hr, yet it is just sooo effective. I’ve always considered Sampras to own that title, but Pistol Pete’s serves were 15-20km/hr quicker.