Federer/Sampas vs. Nadal/Agassi


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How is this a fair matchup?
Sampras fed are two of the greatest double players
Agassi nadal will get killed
I think Nadal is better at the net than a lot of people realize (although he doesn't come in frequently). Of course this is an exo so does it really matter? My only curiosity is if Nadal will play the injury card again if they lose like he does in all of his other matches.


When are Fed & Nadal ever going to play doubles together, on the same team? :(
I would love to see it happen. But unfortunately I wouldn't count on it. Federer isn't getting any younger & now that he's essentially shooting for history, I doubt he'll play hardly any doubles. Who knows though, I think he did enter in a doubles tournament last yr with his Swiss friend.

I think they should do it for the simple fact that it would generate some buzz for the sport. Heck, any top 5 combo would: Djoko/Murray for example. I believe Nadal's people tried to make it happen but Federer backed out or wasn't interested.

Regarding the exo, i wouldn't be surprised if these guys go hard at it, being the competitors that they are.


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This sounds like an interesting matchup, hopefully they televise it. Its too bad they don't have Sampras face Nadal in singles, that could be a entertaining match.


pete and rog could probably beat a lot of pro doubles teams. however nadal is a pretty good doubles player...it's an exo after all I'm sure it'll be fun and a good watch


Oh well. At least it's not Fed + Nadal vs Agassi + Sampras.

I think better teams would be Fed + Agassi vs Sampras + Nadal.
Agassi is obviously not the greatest doubles player in the world. However, he is a marquee attraction. How about Sampras & Leander Paes vs. Nadal & Federer?? That would be interesting. Two players in their late 30s going against 2 of the best current players today. I think Sampras/Paes could beat them!! Paes is fresh off a grand slam title if I'm not mistaken.