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Not remotely getting into this echo chamber of a conversation, but to be fair, Federer was definitely quoted about being happy to wear nike at Halle when he was out of contract pre-Wimbledon/Uniqlo. Something along the lines of being supportive throughout his career, so no problem wearing out of contract etc
I don't mind a reasonable conversation either: as far as I understand, at the time there were negotiations going on, so showing a good will between negotiating partners is usually what happens when both sides have an interest in reaching some sort of agreement and especially after being together for so long. However, it needs to be stated that there is no information that he "was out of contract". He was obviously trying to negotiate a new long term contract. That doesn't mean that he didn't have a contract that covers the then current situation (even if it was on a tournament to tournament basis). That would be very odd practice in the today's business world. Obviously, my personal opinion is that it is unthinkable for a player of such a profile to do any sort of free advertising as the suggestion that he plays without a contract (and by extension payment) speculates.


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Agree that in the Djokovic era Uniqlo's clothes were tailored to emphasise Djoker's whippet like physique, and the designs, although, as others have pointed out, often somewhat resembled Nike designs, were nonetheless far superior to the plastic press studded 'pyjamas' Fed is now sporting. The fact that Nishikori's gear remains consistently better than Fed's is also intriguing; it suggests Uniqlo could do better with Fed's gear if they wanted to.
My (totally unfounded) theory on why Nishi's gear has been superior is thay have been working with him for quite a bit longer, so they know the cuts and blocking patterns that work for him. And there may be a much freer and qualitative work flow with less micro management of the design process when working with team Nishi that results in more dynamic designs.


Uniqlo is a disgrace to Federerer’s unblemished legacy.

A dark stain. The immortal Nike kit pics that have been posted in defiance secure the claim.

Killing off the Nike RF legacy was beyond fail.

Uniqlo will never attain Epic Tennis Style Immortality status of the Borg Fila kits, the McEnroe Sergio Tacchini kits or the Nike RF kits.
Definitely true. The GOAT deserves his Nike RF line which is on a level with Borg Bj and the Mac red/white/blue. Anything else is just................laundry.


From a marketing perspective, i think the play that Uniqlo is running is, of all the fans that watch Federer, very few, are really likely to play tennis (certainly not seriously). But, they can't help but take notice of the logo on the clothes

If they go and check out that logo at all, but visiting the website, they will find great clothes at a reasonable price.

Also, Fed actually wears Uniqlo when he is in the press conferences as well as when he is doing anything for publicity. And it is regular Uniqlo clothes when he is out and about. So, in fact, if Uniqlo can get fans to buy regular Uniqlo clothes (which are all mostly logo less) then they won big time. And, if Fed is willing to wear it out and about, then it lifts the brand (even if they know he is being paid).

Anyway, my two cents.

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Got the outfit for a friend. Haven't bought uniqlo RF since '18 Wimbledon, but I've noticed that Shanghai shorts are looser than older ND/NK models where I could go with both S and M. Can't comment on fit of the polo, but I like how the piping is also this brownish colour of the shorts. Shame they didn't go with darker shade of red though (like the pipings from RG).
Where did you buy the kit?


Will probably be a blue version of USO/Shanghai outfit, seeing how he's wearing the same jacket, but in blue.