Federer should get a coach now!

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by nikdom, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. nikdom

    nikdom Guest

    Its great what Roger achieved this past Sunday on his own. Full credit to him despite what all the nay-sayers have said about his lucky draw, Nadal's tough draw etc etc...

    But I think he STILL has scope for improvement and he should respect the fact that other contenders are getting there slowly but surely where he cannot just get by with what he has now.

    Sure, what he has right now is good enough to hold off the rest of the ATP and make it through against his toughest opponent narrowly, but as McEnroe has pointed repeatedly during both the FO and the Wimby finals, Roger lets that wrist drop on volleys and is sometimes very casual on his net approaches. 8 of 14 net approaches won during the Wimby final can certainly be improved upon. Heck, Nadal was doing a much better job at the net than him!

    Next, he can improve specifically against Nadal by adopting an even more aggressive return of serve. He didn't do that until the last set in the finals.

    Federer needs to get a coach who he respects and should have the attitude that he CAN still learn. Some of his comments from the recent past have suggested he has a certain disdain for someone telling him how to improve. (Right after he fired Roche, he said he's a fast learner and that he doesn't need a whole lot and that he may get a coach for "practice").

    I think McEnroe would be a great choice. Not only is the guy an excellent player at the net, he's still fit enough to get on the courts with Fed and teach him a thing or two. Second, his views seem objective and straight from the heart. He also knows what Nadal has brought to the table and to top it, is a lefty as well. Sure, McEnroe did not win on clay, but Fed's problem on clay is not movement, but Nadal - and I believe McEnroe can help him with that.

    Not only that, I think if he wants to surpass Sampras' 14 GS titles, a good coach will help him get there. Even the peerless Sampras had Annacone. Roger's already got the serve. If he can improve his net play and incorporate more S&V in his game on the faster surfaces, he can make his journey that much easier. He is close to or has already given up the higher ground on the baseline game to Nadal and others will catch up soon (Djoko, Gasquet come to mind); he now needs to transition to the more efficient S&V strategy - even on slower surfaces.

    I personally don't see an easy time for him beating Sampras' total without coaching help. He almost admitted as much after Wimby where he wondered aloud how Sampras did it ...( he said something like "It took me 5 Wimbys, 3 USOs and 3Aussies just to get to close to this guy so I know how great he is")
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  2. nikdom

    nikdom Guest

    If it wasn't his record Roger was chasing, maybe even Sampras would have been a great choice :D
  3. ACE of Hearts

    ACE of Hearts Talk Tennis Guru

    Jul 2, 2005
    I was thinking Paul Annacone if Henman retired although Annacone is only a part time coach of Henman.Maybe Paul can get Roger to chip n charge.
  4. nikdom

    nikdom Guest

    Ya that's another great choice....Roger is good buddies with Henman, so maybe he does some rapport with Paul.
  5. downthewall

    downthewall Rookie

    Jul 9, 2007
    I think Uncle Tony would be a perfect coach for Fed.
  6. Mad iX

    Mad iX Semi-Pro

    Mar 5, 2007
    Australia 3195
    Didn't a few people mention Borg not that long ago?

    I do agree though. Nadal is still improving and barring injury is still yet to reach his peak. Not to mention Djokovic and gang.
    Federer is still #1 but the gap does seem to be closing and he doesn't seem to have moved up a notch himself.
  7. nikdom

    nikdom Guest

    Borg is not a realistic choice. He avoided the sport and the spotlight for so long. Why would he coach now?....also, what would he bring to the table that Federer needs...?
  8. Mnguyen05

    Mnguyen05 New User

    Jun 19, 2007
    Haha, maybe J-Mac can teach Roger how to hit like him =]
  9. nikdom

    nikdom Guest

    Ya that would be fun - JMac with Fed's volleying skills and Fed with JMac's groundstrokes :D
  10. roysid

    roysid Hall of Fame

    Nov 15, 2006
    Fed plays everyone in the same way. Uses the return just to neutralize the point and then wins the rally because opponent usually don't find a way to break his defense.

    Volleying definitely can improve. At the beginning of 3rd set, at 30-0 he missed a sitter. And he usually struggles when the ball is low.

    Generally, he gets away with this. But problem is, this doesn't work against Nadal. He needs to improve against Nadal.
  11. David L

    David L Hall of Fame

    Apr 1, 2006
    McEnroe would be a bad choice. Federer will go for someone lower key, less of a megalomaniac. Most important thing, he has to respect them, and I don't think he respects McEnroe as a person. Borg might be a good choice, there is a lot of mutual respect there. Maybe Cahill, Federer seems to get on with the Australians. Rafter?

    I think it's also a bad idea for Federer to change a winning game, although he should still try to develop and improve. His volleys can improve, as can other parts of his game. He should definitely not become a serve and volleyer. Definitely a losing strategy, as he himself recognized in one of his Wimbledon interviews. His weapons are his serve an his forehand. There is no one who currently has a comparable combo to match this, so he is looking good for the future. He should just try to continue to get better all round. Try to take his technique and ability to an even more unseen level. Up the ante in practice, taking balls even earlier, getting quicker at net with some unorthodox close range training, that kind of thing. If he could find ways to improve the basics of his game even further, his domination would become ridiculous. Also, his baseline game is excellent, but even this can be improved. Never be content.
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  12. TheNatural

    TheNatural Legend

    Jan 27, 2005
    In the wimbledon final 5th set at 2 -2 Nadal had won 2/3 of the baseline rallys. 98 to 62. The commentators said that Fed manages to control the rallys against everyone except Nadal, Nadal was pushing him behind the baseline.

  13. herosol

    herosol Professional

    May 29, 2007
    i really think its not pressure if him pushing him back, is that fed feels mental pressure that he just tends not step into the court against nadal.

    i have to say he loses 1/4 of his aggressiveness against nadal for some reason.
    and its probably fear.

    i agree. he needs some coach. someone.
  14. Kim

    Kim Semi-Pro

    Mar 1, 2007
    I agree too, its more mental vs Nadal than actual skill.
  15. rwn

    rwn Semi-Pro

    Dec 7, 2006
    Federer has only 1 player who is a bad matchup for him. He can handle everybody else without much problems (he lost 2 sets against players not named Nadal in the grand slam tournaments this year). Compare that with Sampras who had several players who were bad matchups for him and you'll see in what a great position Federer is.

    But a lot of Federer fans apparently panic if Federer has a 5 set match in a grand slam tournament. Sampras had 1 or 2 5 set matches in almost every grand slam tournament he won. Bottomline: it's not supposed to be easy to win grand slams, Federer has just made it look easy the last couple of years.

    My prediction: Federer will reach 14 grand slam titles within the next 2 years with or without a coach.
  16. nikdom

    nikdom Guest

    A friend told me that Cahill said in an interview about coaching Federer - "Roger cannot pay me enough to have me as his coach". Apparently some behind the scenes issue with Cahill not liking the Tony Roche firing situation and Roger's comments about Roche after the fact....

    I could not find anything article/interview on this....can anyone confirm this?
  17. FEDEXP

    FEDEXP Professional

    Sep 13, 2005
    Tempermentally McEnroe would be a disastrous choice.
  18. David L

    David L Hall of Fame

    Apr 1, 2006
    I saw the interview and posted a video link to it from the ESPN site. Cahill was clearly joking when he said that, but typically the press reported it as literal, to create a story where there was'nt one. The interview is no longer there.


    I also posted a video link where Cahill asked Federer if he was looking for a coach, both were laughing, but that interview has disappeared also.


    If Federer gave Cahill a job as a 'coach', he would definitely accept. I would'nt believe the papers too much about anything.
  19. VaBeachTennis

    VaBeachTennis Semi-Pro

    Dec 9, 2006
    Sunny Va Beach
    I think McEnroe would be an excellent coach to teach volleys and strategy for Federer. I loved hearing John's expert analysis during Wimbledon, it's so much better to hear the analysis from a former pro rather than an announcer with no pro experience.
  20. tootsierol

    tootsierol New User

    Jun 19, 2007
    I also do agree with the fact that Federer needs a coach. Even though he's still the best player in the World, the rest of the field are improving and he needs a third eye to look out for the stuff that he's missing

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