Federer should not be concerned about Connors record

Terry Tibbs

So Federer is still 8 titles adrift and it will be a tall order to beat it. That said, is this particular record all that significant or noteworthy? Connors was not an all time great and only won that amount of titles because he played for so long and probably played a stack of low quality events. It's the slams that really matter and only 8 of those titles were slams. It would be a decent record for Federer if he achieved it but for me it would be below many of his other records and I don't think he will be too fussed if he doesn't get it.


Talk Tennis Guru
Since Fed has said at least 12 times in 2019 that he's not at all interested in the record, not sure what the point of the thread is. Google it and see 400 articles on this point.

Tommy Haas

Hall of Fame
Are any of those Connors titles from Futures/Challengers tournaments? If Fed really wanted to beat it, he could clean house at the lower level events, unless the ATP doesn't allow what amounts to professional sandbagging like an NTRP 5.0 level playing in a 4.0 or 4.5 event.