Federer to Sue TW forum members.

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Tennis_Monk, Jun 10, 2007.

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    As we all know it is a well known fact that federer is a member of this Forum. It is also no secret that his secret to his successful run of Grandslams has been due to the numerous tips our Forum members provided to him. Every match he takes the print outs of the tips and uses them to his big advantage.

    Apparatently for this FO final, some forum member asked him to use his Inside-out Forehand more. Also one of the tips said Dont do too much Server and Volley.

    So good so far. Then he was looking to see how to play after winning 2 set. Thats when he couldnt login to TW forum due to huge traffic. Most of TW members were busy discussing the match and forgot that Federer might be looking at some advise.

    With out advise from TW forum , Federer quickly lost track and guess what. Nadal ate him.

    Because of heavy hits from our forum members , he lost FO and hence he intends to sue Forum members.

    [ This was posted in Match results forum originally.Because it concerns all TW forum members who advised Federer during the past year, i thought this may be a better place ]
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    He has already sued Mahboob Khan.

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