Federer Vs. Murray

Murray Vs. Federer

  • Federer in 2

    Votes: 29 22.5%
  • Federer in 3

    Votes: 45 34.9%
  • Murray in 2

    Votes: 13 10.1%
  • Murray in 3

    Votes: 42 32.6%

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I'm watching it live on FSN in SoCal, as much as I hate Gimble, I like watching on TV more.

If Federer doesn't win in 2, I say Murray in three maybe two. Federer will not win a 3 setter vs Murray...


So typical of Fed, wasting a 0-40 with backhand errors. Somebody needs to start working on weaknesses, because this is a big one.


Murray's like that guy at your club that beats everyone, and whose game nobody "respects." In a good way, kinda.


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That backhand has no confidence inside rogers head. It used to be solid but nowadays he is hitting it with an extra "care" and it causes big trouble. Most of Bh errors come with easy balls
I think the reason why Federer was broken was his atrocious serving in that game. Murray is obviously a good returner, and Federer has to serve well.


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Fed has been rushing the points this whole week. Now he has to be patient and isn't used to that.

Also the way Murray is targeting his backhand shows how uninspired he is on that wing, especially in comparison with his forehand, on which Fed tries to overcompensate by hitting to risky shots.


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bores me too.
murray up a break 3-2.
boringly consolidates 4-2.
I guess Murray should just hit with full power and commit error after error. Tennis is about winning. The tactic he uses to beat Federer isn't based on style. It's about pounding Fed's backhand. And it works.