Federer Vs. Murray

Murray Vs. Federer

  • Federer in 2

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  • Federer in 3

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  • Murray in 2

    Votes: 13 10.1%
  • Murray in 3

    Votes: 42 32.6%

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Federer looking alive again. I thought he was gonna lapse there for a moment, but he seems pretty solid up in the head currently.


awesome point, that was the federer we saw for 4 sets in the AO final
The one that returned all his BP chances like a 2.5 junior?

Yeah, I'm still angry at that version of Federer, thanks for the memory.


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Full pressure on both players now.

Murray resists for the moment and I don't think he is going to give it away easily. Fed is going to have to work for it and that is where he often fails. He does not seem to want to work his matches.


Wow, Roger completely fell apart this set. What a shame.

Hope Murray is completely fit for the final tomorrow.


76 mile an hour second serve and Fed pansies it back. AO final all over again.

Meek. That's the word exactly.


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This is hard to watch..where's his motivation, i guess he just wanted to defend his points and be done with it


oh no....6-1 in the 3rd set, was a complete meltdown from fed, i can not believe it, i never thought i would see him play so poorly.

murray is truly in fed's head the same way that rafa is.


its not just the fact that he lost, but its the way he lost. He just completely broke down. I mean he was all over the place at times and the errors kept coming. It would be one thing if he was playing well and lost and I could just say murray outplayed him, but this is just ridiculous.