Federer vs. Nalbandian


Ljubicic may not have played very well in quite some time but,

I believe that was Roddick's first win over an opponent ranked in the Top 10, in all of 2006.
He beat Blake on Cincinatti. Was Blake out of the T10 in that while?
Can't really recall.


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He beat Blake on Cincinatti. Was Blake out of the T10 in that while?
Can't really recall.
They, Blake and Roddick, didn't meet at Cincy. Roddick lost to Blake in the final of Indy when Blake was #6 in the world.

Roddick's prior best wins in 2006, ranking wise, were both v. Fernando Gonzales @ London/Queens Club in the QF when Gonzo was #11 and in the SF of Cincy when Gonzo was #13.


You guys are right.
Roddick played Ferrero in the finals....
And the other final where Blake and Roddick met, Blake won!

I'm becoming senile... :cry: ... it's probably because of my new avatar :(


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i am going to try to only be watching it, so 1 browser open, close my im's and other 2 browsers....like it shouldnt make any difference even if they are open,..my computer is not old at all...its loaded and new...
Do you have the latest codecs for Windows?

google 'klcodec'. Go to the appropriate link, download, install and see what happens.

edit: 'see what happens' = retry the live stream
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Roddick was right about one thing - Red Group is the Group of Death. You have to win your first match for any hope of going to the semifinal.
So true! I don't see Ljubicic winning against Nalbandian or Federer, so he's pretty much out, which stinks for him.

For doubles,not surprised the Bryans lost, they haven't been playing too well after the North American hardcourt season. Now that they're not underdogs anymore, they don't know what to do!


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Ljubicic looked really sloppy. Did he lack of sleep?

But, I don't like the indoor court's color overall. WTF is with the grey color?
can't they paint it in some lively color? dman it.