Federer will win AO 2020 or Wimb 2020

Xavier G

I don't rule Fed out if he comes 100% in shape to those championships and things go for him. The odds are against him now, though, with each passing year.
There could be a new name breaking through as champ somwhere, especially if Novak's injury issues hamper him.
The game does need new champions breaking through.


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You’re going in the wrong direction at this point. Just start praying for Novak to be healthy. That’s your best chance for stopping Rafa from blowing past Fed’s record.

Karma Tennis

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As I have mentioned in other threads, Tennis Australia has contracted GreenSet to lay the new court surface for the AO 2020.

We have absolutely no idea how this surface will play until the Tournament comes around so it is very difficult to speculate as to who will be favoured.

However, after observing the way Medvedev handled himself at the US Open, he may spoil the party for all of the Big 3 in Melbourne next January.

Time will tell.


It's not impossible...But if there is no djoker standing...Fed has high chance of 21...But then Rafa can also get 20 by beating fed in aus open...


Soon as Federer lost in the US open, his fans were calling upon the nextGen to step up but yet now they want a 38 year old to win AO or Wimbledon? For slow learners like myself, can someone please explain? :)
I guess it's called double standards

But I can see Federer winning the AO though, not so sure about WImbledon, even though he usually does better in London.

Sunny Ali

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I guess it's called double standards

But I can see Federer winning the AO though, not so sure about WImbledon, even though he usually does better in London.
Yes, absolutely double standards!

Another classic final between 2 of the top 3 ... bring it on, I say! :)

Third Serve

Rafa skipping Wimbledon and barely finishing FO... a great competitive year?

2009 was Novak's worst year from 2007-2016.

And yet you claim that 2009 was ultra-competitive.

2009 Djokovic was leagues ahead of his 2010 form; it's not even a contest lmao. He wasn't in his prime, but he still had a phenomenal clay season (one of his best, in fact) and was pretty good in the second half of the year; I guess his main problem that season was that he ran into the top two so many times; Nadal basically stopped him from winning

Nadal wasn't as good after the French Open, I agree, but you can't deny that his first half of the season was impressive.

Anyway, why keep arguing using arbitrary measurements? Here's what each player had to do to earn their way into the year-end top 10. Let's compare it to 2014, a standard, run-of-the-mill year.

Top 10 (2009)Player Achievements (down to GS semifinals and Masters finals)Top 10 (2014)Player Achievements
1. FedererTwo Slams, Two Slam finals, Two Masters 1000s, 1. DjokovicOne Slam, WTF, One Slam final, Four Masters 1000s, One Slam semifinal
2. NadalOne Slam, Three Masters 1000s, Two Masters finals, One extra Slam semifinal2. FedererOne Slam final, Two Masters 1000s, WTF final, Three Masters finals, Two Slam semifinals
3. DjokovicOne Masters 1000s, Four Masters finals, One Slam semi3. NadalOne Slam, One Slam final, One Masters 1000, Two Masters finals
4. MurrayTwo Masters 1000s, One Masters final, One Slam semi4. WawrinkaOne Slam, One Masters 1000
5. Del PotroOne Slam, WTF final, One Masters final5. NishikoriOne Slam final, One Masters final
6. DavydenkoWTF, One Masters 10006. MurrayOne Slam semifinal
7. RoddickOne Slam final, One Slam semifinal7. BerdychOne Slam semifinal
8. SoderlingOne Slam final8. RaonicNothing noteworthy
9. VerdascoOne Slam semifinal9. CilicOne Slam
10. TsongaNothing noteworthy10. FerrerOne Masters final


Let it go. Fed will have trouble keeping up the more he plays at this age which is what we witnessed in 2019. It’s not easy to play a full calendar tour.

Wimb20 is his only realistic shot.


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As much as I love Fed sadly he’s not winning anything anymore. Maybe Basel and Halle again.
It's possible. His only current problem is Djokovic. I don't know why people act like Federer already lost the slam race. He was written off a few times already (not nearly as many times as Nadal but still) but every time he came back. I will be very surprised if AO 2018 was his last slam.


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It's not out of the realms of possiblity that he could win in Australia or Wimbeldon. What is clear is that he'll need either Rafa or Novak to exit early, but even then he's susceptible to lose in the quarters against lesser opponents.

I do think that next year is the last year he'll win any slams.
Federer needs Nadal out? More like Nadal needs a draw filled with mugs to win anything.

Start da Game

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wimby final was his last chance, and he blew it......next year there will be challenges from at least two players outside the big 3.......so not happening, best to retire at lavers cup.......

Sunny Ali

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Federer needs Nadal out? More like Nadal needs a draw filled with mugs to win anything.
Not really, he only needs Federer and Djokovic out of his way! Can you imagine if someone said he needed Federer out a decade ago? :oops: What an incredible turn around :)


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For 2020 I want Medvedev to beat Djoko at AO, the Nadal at FO, Fedr at WIM and Zverev at UO.

Big 3 and ABZ (lol) into retirement.


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It's like saying that's why Nadal won the USO, because both Djokovic and Federer had early exits.You're the worst troll of this forum, BY FAR.Youtube comment section would be a better environment for you, so go there and let your hate for Fed flow.
Someone’s triggered.